Instead of a ticket for €9: Germany approved an alternative to the summer pass

The German government has decided on a new pass that will replace the €9 per month ticket that was in force in the country this summer. October 14, 2022 0 1 min

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From January 2023, residents and tourists will be able to travel on trains, buses and metros by paying 49 euros per month.

The new monthly pass for 49 euros will be available by subscription, which can be will cancel at any time. It is known that the federal government will allocate 1.5 billion euros per year for a ticket worth 49 euros from 2023.

Note that for many German politicians the price of 49 euros for a ticket seems high. For example, Berlin is going to introduce a differentiated fare model.

“There are many people in Berlin who cannot collect 49 euros a month. Therefore, I will develop a concept of how we can use a ticket for 49 euros in Berlin to introduce socially oriented offers that will then be applied throughout the country”, said Berlinsky. Transport senator Bettina Jarash.

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