Where in St. Petersburg to catch summer in autumn

s places under the roof, where you can catch summer in rainy weather in the Northern Capital.


The weather is always good in the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great, because there are more than a kilometer of greenhouses. This is the largest northern collection of plants and the fifth largest in the world! A variety of exposition landscapes, three excursion routes, plants from all over the world, including rare and endangered species.

There are more than a kilometer of greenhouses in the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great. Photo by Shutterstock.com

Greenhouses are well separated by growing areas, so that in one visit you can get acquainted with plants from different regions of the world: the Southern Mediterranean, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Where in St. Petersburg to catch summer in autumn

In greenhouses, you can observe the flowering period of a particular plant. Photo ATOR

You can even catch the flowering of one or another exotic plant, or just admire the palm trees of various types. Be sure to check out the water greenhouses – there are many unusual things here, for example, “mirror” and “ant” trees, a huge Victoria water lily, the leaf of which can withstand weight up to 50 kg, stilted and respiratory roots and seeds that germinate right on the trees.


St. Petersburg is the water capital of Russia, so you can “catch a wave” in the autumn-winter season as well. SUP-surfing and other water activities have already become commonplace in St. Petersburg, and we are sure that many people remember the positive Fontanka SUP, the festival of speed on the water in Kronstadt, and other water holidays that St. Petersburg enjoyed.

< p>Where in In St. Petersburg to catch the summer in the autumn season

In St. Petersburg, water walks on stand-up surfs have already become commonplace. Photo by Shutterstock.com

There is no need to be sad: everything will return in the next summer season, but for now you can try surfing on an artificial wave. Petersburg also has this – under the roof, of course. There is no danger of freezing, because in the pool, where an artificial wave is created, there are real tropics! The water temperature reaches +27–28°C, the air temperature reaches +28°C, the mood and atmosphere are appropriate. There are several surf centers in St. Petersburg where you can get on the board with the reliable support of an experienced instructor.


There are two large water parks and one mini-aqua park in St. Petersburg. One of them is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland – near the Park of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg with a beach and a wide embankment, as well as a new high-rise dominant of modern St. Petersburg – Lakhta Center.

Where in St. Petersburg to catch summer in autumn

The location allows you to combine a walk in the fresh air with a visit to the water park. Shutterstock.com

Another water park, located in Ozerki, is also adjacent to the park area: there are walking and cycling paths, you can rollerblade in summer, and ski in winter. Opposite is another park – “Sosnovka”, a real forest, where you can walk along the alleys or choose an activity to your liking on one of the many sports grounds.

The proximity of the parks allows you to plan a family vacation for the whole day: you can combine a walk in the fresh air with a visit to the water park.

Under the roof – water entertainment for all ages: water slides for adults and children, various attractions, pools with hydromassage, baths and saunas. The air and water temperature in the water park is always like at the peak of summer – about +30°C. The water complexes have cafes and restaurants, equipment rental and other services, so you can spend the whole day here, remembering your summer vacation on the beach.


This is a unique place where on the territory of about 5 thousand square meters. m in 48 aquariums there are more than 4.5 thousand fish, aquatic invertebrates, marine mammals and reptiles. The volume of the smallest of the aquariums is 300 liters, and the largest one is 750 thousand liters. Above many of them, there are special screens where you can read interesting and informative facts about the life of underwater inhabitants.

Where in St. Petersburg to catch summer in autumn

More than 4.5 thousand . fish. Photo by ATOR

The “trick” of the main aquarium is an underwater tunnel 35 m long with a moving walkway. The sensations are simply fantastic: you are walking, and sharks, rays and other exotic fish are swimming above you. And in the St. Petersburg Oceanarium, all guests are welcome – you can even come here with newborns!

Visitors with babies in a stroller are allowed to move freely throughout the exposition. For this, elevators, ramps and a lift are provided.

Time spent in the aquarium is not limited – walk as much as you want! By the way, you can also swim here, however, subject to two conditions: if you have a special permit to dive into the main aquarium, where sharks, rays, moray eels and other fish live, as well as a diver's certificate. Diving training is also provided, but one cannot learn all the tricks of diving in one visit.


Another “door to summer” is a visit to a park or butterfly garden. In St. Petersburg, you can look at live tropical butterflies and take beautiful pictures with these fluttering creatures in three specialized places.

Where in St. Petersburg to catch summer in autumn

pictures from good children's books. Photo by Shutterstock.com

Local guides will tell you which of the butterflies make wishes come true, and which ones take root best at home. You can see how interesting butterflies “eat” nectar or, if you're lucky, how they are born. Everyone will have a lot of photos and positive emotions: any garden where butterflies live is very reminiscent of magical pictures from good children's books – it is so colorful and bright.

Learn more about tourist traditions, routes and cultural events in St. Petersburg on the official city tourist portal Visit-Petersburg.ru, on its official VKontakte page and Telegram channel. And also – in the special project #DiscoverYourPetersburg.

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