Russians are choosing a vacation in Bali with a stopover in Malaysia. What is the benefit?

Sales of tours to Southeast Asia are gaining momentum again, Bali is now increasingly being booked in combination with Kuala Lumpur. In her article, Anna Cherepova, Deputy General Director of the tour operator Ambotis Holidays, analyzes in detail what are the benefits of booking such combined options with the tour operator and tells what special offers are available in Bali.

In terms of the absolute number of bookings, Ambotis Holidays has Thailand as the most demanded country in Southeast Asia. This is understandable – the presence of direct flights and a large number of convenient options with connections play a role. Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos are in less demand.

I note that in combined tours Ambotis Holidays tourists often book Malaysia and Indonesia (Bali Island) as well. What are the reasons for the popularity of such a “bundle” of these two countries?

For all participants in the tourism market, it is not news that Ambotis Holidays has been working closely in the direction of Indonesia for a long time.

You can now get to Bali from Russia on connecting flights of foreign airlines. The most cost-effective fares are from Emirates with a connection in Dubai. Qatar Airways has very convenient connections in Doha, but, alas, on return this carrier has very long connections of 9 hours or more. Prices are also not very democratic.


Now the most popular route for our tourists this year is a flight to Bali via Malaysia.

We fly along the route Moscow – Abu Dhabi – Kuala Lumpur. We leave in the capital of Malaysia and stop here, for example, for 3 days/2 nights. We spend time in this metropolis and then fly to Bali – the Kuala Lumpur-Denpasar route lasts just under three hours.

Why do tourists prefer this type of travel and why do they prefer to book with operators?

Firstly, a connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur from Moscow is much cheaper than a connecting flight to Denpasar (Bali). Cheap fares to Kuala Lumpur are offered by Etihad with excellent service, meals and included luggage from 30 kg per person.

Secondly, a flight to Bali is offered both by the national carrier Malaysia Air and by a large number of low-cost airlines. That is, the tourist has a large selection of tariffs that we see in our systems in real time and are ready to select the best price. Planes on the route Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar fly often, almost like “air routes”, so the time of departure and arrival can always be chosen for the international flights necessary for the tourist.

It is more convenient and profitable to take tours from a tour operator here: he is fully responsible for the entire tour package, including in case of any problems with flights from Malaysia to Indonesia, tickets for which are issued separately .

A few examples of prices for combined tours “Kuala Lumpur + Bali”:

GDS-tour with a departure from Moscow on November 19 for 9 nights (2 nights in Kuala Lumpur, 6 in Bali, 1 on the road, 2 * hotel with breakfast), will cost 267,892 rubles. for two people with all flights included.

Air blocking tour to Kuala Lumpur and 3* hotel in Bali for 15 nights (2 in Kuala Lumpur, 12 in Bali, 1 on the road) after the New year costs from 277,405 rubles. for two with all flights.

For comparison, a GDS tour to Indonesia alone (without Malaysia) on Emirates for 9 nights (8 in Bali, 1 on the road) will cost 254,321 rubles. for two.

For agents, tours through Kuala Lumpur are calculated with a standard commission of 10 to 12%, and tours to Emirates – at a promo of 8%


Travel agents often have a reasonable question: what to do in the capital of Malaysia and why send tourists there as part of combined tours.

Kuala Lumpur is a huge metropolis of global importance, and all the world's hotel brands are represented here in all their diversity, and at the same time at the most budget prices. For example, an Intercontinental 5* hotel in the city center, a two-minute walk from the famous Petronas Towers, will cost about 4,000 rubles per night (for two people with breakfast).

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo courtesy of tour operator Ambotis Holidays

Ambotis Holidays also offers a package with included transfer “Airport – Hotel Intercontinental (2 nights) – transfer to the airport” at a special price, better than self-booking, and with guaranteed service.

We especially recommend high-class hotels with very affordable prices and convenient location in Kuala Lumpur: Element by Westin 4+*, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur 5*, Pavillion by Banyan Tree 5*, EQ, Four Season.

Do not forget that Kuala Lumpur is a metropolis with an incredibly large number of shopping centers, and shopping here is literally amazing. There is everything here: from the mass market to the luxury segment, and the prices will pleasantly surprise the Russians.

The cuisine of this city is also interesting – with a lot of seafood and, of course, a rich excursion program. We recommend climbing the Petronas Towers, visiting the Batu Caves, having dinner with a panoramic view of the city in the Menara Tower in a restaurant that will turn 360 degrees during your dinner, and if you want to go to mega cool water parks.

Of course , do not forget about the cool Asian nightlife: we advise you to visit the bars and clubs located on the roofs of hotels – with a panoramic view of the city.


After a stop in Malaysia, tourists are waiting for Bali. Tour operator Ambotis Holidays offers block transportation without any additional fees on Etihad and Emirates flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg – both in Bali and on Kuala Lumpur + Bali tours.

Places in blocks are sold very quickly. It's not just about price and convenience. For all tourists arriving at our block locations in Bali, we also make special gifts from the company, making you feel our personalized VIP-level service.

Russians choose a holiday in Bali with a stopover in Malaysia. benefit?

Promotional tour in Bali for Ambotis Holidays partner agents. On the beach of the W Bali Seminyak 5 * hotel. Photo courtesy of tour operator Ambotis Holidays.

Now we still have a few block seats left on Emirates flights from Moscow on January 8, 2023 on tours for 15 nights (including 3 days of Kuala Lumpur). This offer is especially for those who want to extend the holidays and celebrate the Chinese New Year for 15 nights.

The price of such a tour (including the flight) is from 276,606 rubles. for two people.

Let us remind you once again: the rules for entering Malaysia are no different from the dock-like ones: you only need a passport. Entering Indonesia is a little more difficult than entering Malaysia: tourists need to be vaccinated, upon arrival in the country you need to pay for a visa (about $ 35 for citizens of the Russian Federation). /h2>

Everyone can and should be sent to Bali: it is a paradise for honeymooners, a delight for children, hangouts for young people, a relaxing getaway for couples. The agent can easily navigate in the Ambotis Holidays online system: there are special marks in front of hotels recommended for young people, for tourists with children, etc.

It should be noted that the prices for flights not only from Russia, but throughout the world, have increased compared to pre-pandemic times. Therefore, the composition of the tourist audience has also changed: now a tourist who is ready to spend more than average flies to Indonesia.

Russians choose holidays in Bali with a stopover in Malaysia. What is the benefit?

Indonesia, Bali. Photo courtesy of tour operator Ambotis Holidays

Accordingly, such tourists, as a rule, have other interests: for big money they want more and non-standard. Just the combined tours “Kuala Lumpur + Bali” will come to them, but in Indonesia they need not just a beach holiday in Bali, but something more original.

We take into account this trend and offer agents in our online booking system non-standard tours to the Lovina region. This is the place in Bali where you can swim with dolphins and watch the sunrise while living in a real 5* glamping on the shores of the Bali Sea.

Russians choose to vacation in Bali with a stopover in Malaysia. What's the benefit?

Lovina Bay, Indonesia, at sunset. Photo:

You can go to the Menjangan National Park to watch deer in a free habitat, climb a volcano at dawn and boil eggs in hot lava, live on beaches with volcanic black sand, swim in hot springs or under waterfalls, live inside a natural zoo in hotels 4 -5*, where you can have breakfast with orangutans or ride elephants. All this can be booked with us by paying in rubles.

Russians choose a holiday in Bali with a stopover in Malaysia. What is the benefit?

Deer in Menjangan National Park. Photo:

Of course, some tourists are also in demand for trips to the islands of Indonesia neighboring Bali – Java, Komodo, Sumatra. We also have these offers, and you can book such tours already in Russia.


We also offer another special project for our tourists: Premium Bali. Currently, more than 20 hotels of the island participate in it, which provide special bonuses and privileges only for Ambotis Holidays tourists – for example, free dinners, SPA sessions, etc.

For a number of 5* hotels in Bali, we provide tourists free transfer. For our partner travel agents, as a bonus when booking two applications in Bali (including combined tours with Malaysia), we offer a gift of $ 50 for the third booking.

Russians choose holidays in Bali with a stopover in Malaysia. What is the benefit?

Raffles Bali Jimbaran 5*. Photo: Raffles Bali

We continue to be the recognized expert on Bali. Over the past three months, Ambotis Holidays has already held two promotional tours in Bali and one in Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to this, our employees know in detail the situation on the island and what has changed in the hotel base of Bali.< /p>

For example, we can tell and recommend to agents the new VIP-level hotels in Bali that have opened during the pandemic. Among those that are not only possible, but also necessary to book: Raffles Jimbaran 5* Deluxe, Jumeirah 5* Deluxe, K Club Ubud 5* Deluxe, Elevate by Hanging Gardens Munduk 5*.

Recall that once a year, Ambotis Holidays holds a conference in Bali for agents and hoteliers of the island. In March 2023, the fourth such conference will be held, and we will be glad to see our most active agents selling tours to Indonesia there.

Anna Cherepova< /p>

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