Why are passengers not in a hurry to choose seats on the plane away from babies?

At first glance, the Japanese initiative is worthy of emulation. It is necessary to advise all airlines in the world to follow the example of their Japanese colleagues, and there will immediately be many times less dissatisfied on board.

However, as you know, “you can’t become famous for good deeds”, that is, no good deed goes unpunished. You will be surprised, but this innovation caused a wave of indignation among parents, and, above all, on the Internet.

And what does not suit them, ask those who do not travel with children. After all, there is no better situation when there are several empty seats next to a flying baby, and parents with a baby can sit with maximum comfort. Solid benefits for everyone. But no! Outraged users with children write that they are going to drive them almost to the reservation and infringe on their rights.

Here's one quote for you: “Then let's mark the places that drunk, smelly and too fat passengers will take!”

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