«South Korea Academy» ended: who became the winner of the academy and what to expect next?

The year of intensive training in Korean tourism products is over. During this time, more than 250 students of the Academy were able to gain valuable knowledge on the country's tourism opportunities and apply them in practice. It is time to find out which of the participants won a tour to South Korea and other nice prizes and when to wait for the continuation of training.

On October 7, the final webinar was held on the ATOR website for the second time in a row « Academy of South Korea.

Danila Drozdov, a representative of the National Tourism Organization of Korea (KOTK), began an online meeting with gratitude to travel agents for their active participation in the Academy of South Korea and said that the event will be devoted to summing up and awarding participants.

Following the results of the last quiz webinar with questions from the South Korea Academy course, six winners – the finalists of the Academy were selected to receive gift sets with unique souvenirs and rare literature about the Republic of Korea from the National Tourism Organization of Korea.

Here are the names of the winners:< p>

1. Marina Stepina, Moscow – 13 points

2. Olga Zaitseva, Kurgan – 12 points

3. Tatyana Li, Chelyabinsk – 12 points

4. Veronika Belousova, St. Petersburg – 11 points

5. Aigul Bekmaganbetova, Astana, Kazakhstan – 11 points

6. Alexey Vereshchagin, Yekaterinburg – 11 points prizerom-akademii-i-chego-zhdat-dalshe-7fc4267.jpg” alt=”«Academy of South Korea» ended: who became the winner of the academy and what to expect next? ” />

“On behalf of the Korea Tourism Organization, I would like to thank all the participants of the Academy. It has been a tough year full of ups and downs. But, in spite of everything, you continued to expand your horizons and keep up with the times, exploring the destinations available to our tourists. Anyone who has passed the academy can rightfully consider himself an expert on South Korea. But there is no limit to perfection, so be sure to join us next year, where new knowledge, quizzes and prizes will be waiting for you,” said Danila Drozdov.

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