Paris: hacks for the perfect trip

Hemingway claimed that Paris is a holiday that is always with you. We will not argue with the greats, but will only share with you a dozen tips that will help make your trip to Paris a real holiday without the slightest worries. October 25, 2022 AUTHOR: Evgenia Sidorchuk 0 5 min

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Paris: hacks for the perfect travel

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How to get from the airport to the center of Paris

It all depends on where you are arriving. There are three options (we do not take Le Bourget into account): Charles de Gaulle Airport (Roissy-Charles de Gaulle) is the largest airport where most international flights arrive; Orly (Orly) – mainly for domestic flights; Beauvais is a low-cost airport.

From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris

The simplest and most budgetary option is commuter trains (RER) + metro, so we will talk about this method. Upon arrival at the airport, simply follow the signs “Paris par train” – they will then lead you to the station. You need the B line. Don't mix it up, otherwise you'll go somewhere in Lille or Bordeaux (which, by the way, is not such a bad idea). Upon arrival at the station, you will see ticket machines – that's what you need. The ticket price is €11.4.

From the airport you need to get to the station where you can transfer to the metro. The nearest one is Gare du Nord. You transfer and drive further to the place you are interested in.

The travel time from the airport to Gare du Nord is approximately 40-50 minutes. Trains run approximately every 12 minutes from 4:56 am to 11:40 pm.

Paris: hacks for the perfect trip

From Orly to Paris

You can get from Orly to the city by ORLYVAL bus to the station “Anthony”. From Anthony station, take the commuter train RER towards Mitry-Claye or Aéroports Charles de Gaulle.

Travel time – 5-10 minutes by bus + 20-25 minutes by train.

Price – €12

Opening hours: from 6:00 to 23:35

HACK: the cheapest way to get to Orly – on buses No. 183 or No. 91.10. The 183 runs from and to the Porte de Choisy station, and the 91.10 runs from and to the Massy-TGV station. The fare will cost you only €2.

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