Ukrainians in Poland they can buy a car under simplified conditions

Now Ukrainians who have started a business in Poland or are officially employed (having an employment contract) can lease, rent or buy a car on credit. October 26, 2022 0 1 min

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Loan conditions

The main condition is the PESEL number. When assessing creditworthiness, a positive history in the BIC is also useful. If the lessee or borrower does not have it, they will be asked to provide information confirming their income in Poland, such as a bank statement.

The offer is primarily intended for people who came to Poland before the war and have already created their own business.

However, for those who ended up in Poland after February 24, this is true. In this case, the Credit Information Bureau will help, which recently introduced a service that allows Polish banks, leasing companies or car rental companies to check the applicant's credit history in the Ukrainian equivalent of BIK. Thus, even a person who has recently arrived in Poland can purchase a car on lease.

According to statistics, in Poland a car loan is most often used by Ukrainians, whose 80% of income is an employment contract, 12% is their own business. The average net income declared in the loan application is PLN 5,000.

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