From Ukraine to Europe: what is the most convenient way to get there?

Because of the war, Ukrainians were forced to forget what it was like to get to Vienna, Warsaw or other European cities in 1.5-2 hours. Now the way abroad is more like a challenge, but we can do it too. We have collected for you the most convenient (if you can call it that) ways to get to different countries. October 31, 2022 AUTHOR: Evgenia Sidorchuk 0 3 min

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One of the most popular options is the daily Intercity (705K/715K) or train 053K from Kyiv to Przemysl. The night train departs at 19:48, at 7:21 you are already in Przemysl, but keep in mind that the train may be late. Ticket price ~1500 UAH.

Further from Przemysl we go by train to one of the cities where there is an airport. The closest cities to Przemysl are Rzeszów, Krakow, Katowice and Lublin.

  • Rzeszow(Rzeszów) is the closest option (1 hour from Przemysl), but there is not a very large selection of departure destinations from Rzeszow Airport. If, for example, you are in Ireland, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Norway or the Netherlands, it will do. If not, go further to Krakow or Katowice – there are significantly more flights available from these two cities.
  • Krakow or Katowice – from Przemysl to Krakow it takes about 3 hours, to Katowice – approximately 4 hours. From these airports you can get anywhere, in addition, low-cost airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air fly from them.
  • Lublin– a more distant option. Wizz Air (Bulgaria, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Croatia) and Ryanair (Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland) also fly from there.

The main Polish city for flights to anywhere in the world, of course , is Warsaw. You can get from Kyiv to Warsaw by train 67 Kyiv-Warsaw (does not run every day, departure 17:27, arrival 10:09). Another option is a bus, but it will take 16-20 hours to go.

There are two airports in the capital – the country's largest Frederic Chopin Airport, in particular a hub for LOT Polish Airlines and Wizz Air, the second airport – Warsaw-Modlin, located outside the city, the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair flies here.


The closest Slovak airport to Ukraine is located in Kosice. It is best to go to Kosice by bus from Uzhgorod, the travel time is about 3-3.5 hours. From Kosice you can get to London (Luton) on a budget with Wizz Air flights, and Ryanair flies from here to Austria, the Czech Republic, Ireland and the UK.


This is a convenient option for those who travel from Chernivtsi, Transcarpathian, Vinnitsa or Odessa regions. The nearest airport to Ukraine is in Suceava. Ryanair flies from here to Austria, Belgium, the UK, Ireland and Italy, while Wizz Air flies to Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Cyprus.


Hungary can now be reached by the following trains:

  • express No. 33/34 “Mukachevo – Budapest-Nyugati” (2 times a day )
  • electric train “Chop – Zahony” (six pairs of electric trains during the day)
  • night train No. 749 “Kyiv – Vienna” (1 time per day)

Closest to Ukraine The Hungarian airport is Debrecen Airport (Debreceni nemzetközi repülőtér). Express and train pass through Debrecen, so you can use them or go directly to Budapest. From Debrecen, Wizz Air flights to Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Israel, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and France are available, and almost anywhere can be reached from Budapest.


Flying through Moldova will be convenient for those coming from the south of Ukraine. The country's main international airport is located in Chisinau. From Odessa to Chisinau can be reached in 5-6 hours by bus. The national carrier Air Moldova operates flights to Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Turkey, France and the Czech Republic. The low-cost airlines FlyOne and Wizz Air also fly.

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