Malaysia time: US visa and the best tours from PAX

After a forced tourist break, Malaysia returned to the Russian market with fresh energy and grandiose plans. The authorities of the Asian country decided to acquaint even more of our fellow citizens with its possibilities and count on a significant increase in the tourist flow. Of course, PAKS supported the aspirations of its longtime partners. We have been working in this direction for more than a quarter of a century (!), and therefore we are well aware of its versatility and potential.

Malaysia Time : US visa and the best tours from PAX

If earlier the attention of travelers was attracted by the famous neighbors of Malaysia – Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, then the current “tourist alignment” has changed a lot. Reduced transportation to Southeast Asia has evened out prices for holidays in the region, and the removal of all restrictions on entry to Malaysia has made this country even more attractive to Russians. We can say that our forecasts of increased demand were fully justified.

Today, our clients demand combined programs (Malaysia + Bali, Malaysia + Phuket). And at the same time, interest in Malaysia as an independent destination is growing.

By the way, under one of the most popular requests, PAKS has created a new product – tours to Kuala Lumpur for a US visa. We have already tested this project and now we offer an interesting option for a wide audience.

A trip for an American visa is a regular tour to Malaysia with the “Visa Processing” service. Such an addition to the trip costs $550 and includes a consular fee, preparation of documents by the PAKS visa department and an appointment for an interview at the consulate. You should prepare for such a trip in advance – about a month and a half before departure.

Malaysia time: US visa and best tours from PAX

Of course However, according to our research, the number of approved applications in Malaysia is quite high. If everything goes well, on the 5th day after the interview, tourists receive a passport with a visa. You can pass the waiting time on excursions around the Malaysian capital and its surroundings or relaxing on the beach on the islands.

You can read more about the “Tour to Malaysia with a US visa” service on our website or wait for the webinar on November 8th. PAKS experts will put all the valuable information on the shelves.

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