Gourmets in Tula: choose dishes and restaurants

What to do when everything is boring? To go on a gastronomic journey to the Tula region, of course. Tula is delicious. And point. More precisely, a comma. There is Tolstoy's Ank pie, and Pomd'amour, and chicken a'la mayonnaise, and a gingerbread-flavoured stout. Let's talk about where and what to eat in Tula.


The charm of the ancient city plus interesting and delicious food? There is such a thing. Tula is an ideal city to travel with such tourist priorities. Even more – the cuisine of Tula can become a separate incentive for a trip here.

At the recent Rostourism forum “Gastronomic tourism in the Russian Federation. New Opportunities” Tula received two whole Grand Prix.

In the nomination “The best gastronomic public space” Anastasia Svistunova took the prize with the project “Craft bakery “Tradition””, and in the nomination “Best gastronomic guide” – well-known journalist Nika Ganich with guidebook “Geography to Taste. Tula».

Indeed, over the past few years, Tula has turned from a “gingerbread capital” into a small mecca of gastro-tourism in Central Russia.

Tula is a modern and vibrant city of Central Russia with its own “gastro highlights”. Photo: Visit Tula

The city hosts bright gastronomic festivals, new restaurants with author's cuisine are opened. Not only tourists come to Tula to try and photograph creative dishes, but also well-known food bloggers, experts in the field of gastronomy.

Every corner of the Tula region boasts either its own special establishment, or an interesting historical recipe, or famous dishes. For example, in Krapivne they make pies, dumplings, tinctures and drinks with nettles. And this exotic is incredibly tasty.

In Belev, the production of apple marshmallow was revived, and now several private “pastile” manufactories operate in the city at once.

Gourmets in Tula: choosing dishes and restaurants

Belevskaya pastila. Photo: Visit Tula

In Veneva, they decided to keep up: they bake a sweet glazed bun “venevka”. Tula Berry Company grows fresh berries all year round and makes fragrant wine from them. In Kulakovo, real vineyards are grown.

And in the eco-park Yasno Polethey are treated to cheese with truffles made from goat's and cow's milk. And by the way, tourists can cook delicious cheese here themselves.

And you can try handmade bread baked according to the recipes of masters of past centuries in the “Tradition” artisan bakery, herself, for which Anastasia Svistunova received the Grand Prix at the Rostourism forum.

The bakery is conveniently located in the center of Tula, in the space of Iskra. In addition to tasting, guests here will find a journey into the history of the craft itself. The bakery holds interesting master classes and exciting excursions, where they tell about the outstanding personalities who are at the origins of the development of culinary and baking in Russia.


Want to try a gingerbread stout? Go to Salden'S.

Raf Tula gingerbread order at Coffee Cult and Mr.Cup.

In Preshpekt” in Yasnaya Polyana and Just WOOD serve the famous Tolstoy Ankov pie, and in the ancient town of Venev you can buy a unique fragrant venevka bun, which even has its own monument.

Fans of meat and fish dishes will be pleased with the variety of the menu at Porterhouse.

Those who prefer haute cuisine should check out Angel 8 or WellWellWell wine restaurant. Chat in a friendly atmosphere? Lil Pil.

Gourmets in Tula: choosing dishes and restaurants

Restaurant Angel 8 in Tula will appeal to lovers of haute cuisine. Photo: Visit Tula He deserves it.

The fact is that there you can try dishes prepared according to recipes that Sofya Andreevna, the wife of the great writer Leo Tolstoy, painstakingly collected for a long time. Now all these recipes can be found in the gift cookbook. But it's better to try it right away.

The SheLESt restaurant prepares a full-fledged “Yasnopolyansky Set” upon prior order. It's hearty and incredibly delicious.

Gourmets in Tula: choosing dishes and restaurants

SheLest in Just Wood is a well-known gourmet place in the Tula region. Photo: Visit Tula

There are “Pomd'amour” – an appetizer of baked tomatoes and greens on a toast of rye bread, and “Scented Mushrooms” – oyster mushrooms fried in the oven with tarragon, with sour cream and celery chips. Immediately “Chickens a’la mayonnaise” is a chicken breast framed with vegetables, with oyster mushrooms and vegetable mayonnaise. And, of course, the famous “Ankovsky pie” by Sofia Andreevna in the author's serving, with rich lemon cream and meringue crumbs.

The wood-burning samovar in the SheLESt restaurant will also be melted, of course, and you can drink tea on the picturesque terrace.< /p>


Of course, a gastronomic trip in Tula without gingerbread would be incomplete. You can try Tula gingerbread in any form. If you want classic and fresh – straight from factories and private manufactories, if you want – gingerbread coffee and stout, if you want – order dishes in restaurants where gingerbread is one of the ingredients.

Gourmets in Tula: choosing dishes and restaurants

Pumpkin soup with Tula gingerbread is served at the WellWellWell restaurant. Photo: Visit Tula

You can make a gingerbread with your own hands. They say that such an experience is remembered for a long time: fragrant dough, delicate fruit filling, openwork glaze – and … you get your own gingerbread from the oven. By the way, it turns out to be a great souvenir for friends.


All lovers of delicious food, of course, should visit the gastronomic festivals of Tula. Very soon, in December, the gastronomic festival “Lyovshinsky Lunch” will take place. Everyone will have the opportunity to taste classic Russian dishes in a modern interpretation by the chefs of the best Tula restaurants.

The festival will be held for the second time, the first took place in 2021 and was timed to coincide with the 285th anniversary of the birth of V. A. Levshin, a Tula landowner and writer.

Gourmets in Tula: choosing dishes and restaurants

Gastrofestival “Levshinsky dinner” in Tula will be held in December. Photo: Visit Tula

Levshin's “Russian Cuisine” is one of the first ever cookbooks dedicated exclusively to Russian cuisine, culinary techniques and methods of food preparation.

These most classic Russian dishes will be presented at the festival. The participants of the event will have a tasting of Siberian dumplings, Moscow kulebyaka, Tver gingerbread, Kaluga dough.

There will be both Russian sterlet and oatmeal kissel , and daily cabbage soup, and pickle with kidneys, and pozharsky cutlets.


Gastronomic festivals in Tula are always fun and delicious. Tourists who were lucky enough to visit the city in September, during the Tasty in Tula festival, enthusiastically talk about their trips to restaurants where they served tasting sets made from local products.

For a month, at 17 restaurants in the region, guests could buy dishes with interesting flavor combinations at a fixed price and see for themselves the quality of products under the “Made in the Tula Region” logo.


There is another gastronomic present that you can bring from the Tula region. However, you no longer want to give it to someone like a gingerbread. After all, we are talking about black caviar. She needs herself. Moreover, it is fresh, caught almost before your eyes.

At the Priokskoye fish farm, which specializes in breeding Russian sturgeon and sterlet, as well as the production of black caviar, will tell you how to milk sturgeon, tell interesting facts about the features of fish breeding and obtaining caviar. Don't worry: when milking a sturgeon, the fish stays alive and definitely doesn't get stressed.

Gourmets in Tula: choosing dishes and restaurants

Tasting black caviar at the Priokskoye enterprise is a must visit in the Tula region. Photo: Visit Tula

As part of the tour, everyone will have the opportunity to try and buy fresh black caviar(sturgeon and sturgeon) and smoked sturgeon.

After sturgeon, you can switch to catfish. To do this, you need to go on an excursion to the only such fish farm in the region Som Somych.

Catfish is a useful fish, and even almost boneless. Catfish meat contains a huge amount of amino acids, 200 grams of this product can replace the daily intake of human animal protein.

When choosing a catfish, they are guided by its size: the younger, the smaller the fish, the better it is. The optimal weight is from 1kg to 5kg.


Before we finish our gastronomic journey to the Tula region, we note that in fact we have just begun it . After all, they told only about a small part of the culinary world of Tula.

Therefore, we recommend that everyone who goes to eat delicious food in Tula study in detail the guide “Geography to Taste. Tula”. Yes, the one that received the Grand Prix at the Rostourism forum.

Gourmets in Tula: choosing dishes and restaurants

Inside the Tula Kremlin. Photo: Visit Tula

The book includes a detailed author's description of more than 60 of the best and most interesting restaurant and gastronomic concepts in the region. It contains a unique collection: more than 40 recipes of modern Tula cuisine from the best chefs of the restaurants participating in the guide.

This guide provides interesting and accessible information about all Tula restaurants, gastro-bistros and trendy bars.< /p>

You will also find information about agro-farms and rural restaurants with authentic local cuisine.

Comprises a guide and places where you can try dishes prepared according to unique recipes from around the region. In general, it will be interesting and tasty. As always in Tula.

Alexandra Polyanskaya

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