Like « Intourist lit stars for travel agents in Moscow

In October, the reception department of Intourist held a promotional tour for regional travel agents and showed the best and most relevant that the capital can give tourists.

The demand for sightseeing tours and city tours to Moscow is more than active and shows a positive trend. Over the past year, the number of tourists who went on a trip to Moscow with Intourist has increased 4 times. The capital attracts both with a large number of entertainment and display facilities, and with attractive prices in the absence of numerous groups of foreign tourists. For example, Intourist's bestseller, a 3-day sightseeing tour “Walk in Moscow Ultra Light” with accommodation in a 4* international chain hotel, breakfast and excursion service, will cost only 4,976 ₽ per person (excluding the road).

How Intourist lit the stars for travel agents in Moscow

As part of the autumn promotional tour, which took place in October, experienced travel agents were able to stay and visit Radisson Collection hotels with inspections, as well as visit the most prestigious hotels in Moscow, including Carlton 5, National 5 *, Hilton Leningradskaya”, “Novotel 4”, as well as the popular “Vega Izmailovo 4*” and “Izmailovo Gamma-Delta 4*”. All of them are long-term partners of Intourist with guaranteed quotas and special booking conditions. The dates of the tour fell under the next stage of the cashback promotion, so the agents were able to save 20% of the cost of the trip and enjoy premium service from Intourist partners.

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As part of a promotional tour of Moscow organized by Intourist for regional travel agents, several thematic tours were held by accredited guides. Acquaintance with the capital for travel agents from Ufa, Omsk, Yaroslavl, Naro-Fominsk, Perm, Penza, Novosibirsk, Ivanovo, Novocherkassk, Kirov, Voronezh, Nizhnekamsk and St. Petersburg began with a thematic tour “Stalin's Seven Sisters”. The guests learned the history of each Stalin skyscraper and were able to visit the hotels located in them. The days of the tour turned out to be exceptionally warm and sunny, and the metropolis seemed even more hospitable to the guests. Moscow is a city with a long history, bearing the proud title of the center of the country, constantly changing, in beauty and modernity it easily competes with many world capitals, but also carefully keeps ancient secrets in the streets and courtyards.

How Intourist lit stars for travel agents in Moscow

The next day was dedicated to the Moscow Kremlin Museums and Zaryadye Park. Almost everyone who has ever been to Moscow has seen Red Square. But not everyone managed to walk around the territory of the Moscow Kremlin with an experienced guide, whose stories surprise and fascinate. The tour of the territory of the Moscow Kremlin began with a tour of the Cathedral Square, where each of the temples played its role in the life of the Kremlin. The guide told the history of the architectural ensemble, the travel agents visited the Assumption Cathedral, where solemn church services were held and coronations took place, and visited the Archangel Cathedral, the grand ducal tomb.

How Intourist lit the stars for travel agents in Moscow

Then the group went to the Zaryadye park, which was created on the site of the Rossiya hotel demolished in 2006. The guide told his story and showed how the park changed from year to year and became a cult place, from which almost all walks in the center of Moscow begin today. The travel agents saw the modern Media Center, the “Reserved Embassy” and looked under the “Glass Bark”. Of course, the guests of the capital, accompanied by an Intourist guide, walked along the legendary Soaring Bridge, which offers a beautiful view of the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kotelnicheskaya skyscraper. There was time to stop at the site, take a few photos as a keepsake and watch the city from a height, after which the group went for lunch to one of the restaurants of Russian cuisine located in the center of the capital.

Over the next two days, travel agents went on an author's sightseeing tour from Intourist guides to the most beautiful corners of the capital, took a ride and had lunch on the Radisson flotilla boat on the Moscow River and visited the PANORAMA360 circular observation deck on the 89th floor of the Federation Tower skyscraper, from where breathtaking view of the whole of Moscow. About how this fam trip went and what impressions the partners of the tour operator took with them, the reviews about the trip tell:

Ilyicheva Yulia, Penza:

Like « Intourist» lit stars for travel agents in Moscow

How Intourist lit the stars for travel agents in Moscow

How Intourist lit stars for travel agents in Moscow

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Intourist company for organizing such a unique tour around Moscow! I especially want to thank Yulia and Elena for the amazing atmosphere, for new knowledge, for solving all organizational issues! Accommodation was in one of the most luxurious hotels in Moscow with one of the best breakfasts! Inspection of hotels left only delight: from the luxury segment to the average level. And the excursion program is a separate kind of art! We saw Moscow from the ground, water and even from a height! With such organizers, you fall in love with Moscow and want to make tourists fall in love with it too! Thanks a lot ! We are waiting for the prices of the examined hotels in order to present them to tourists. With gratitude and wishes for mutually beneficial cooperation, Julia.

Volkhonskaya Vera, Yaroslavl.

I want to express my deep gratitude for such an amazing promotional tour of Moscow “NTK Intourist” in the person of Yulia the leader and Elena the guide. I would never have thought that this is possible. A chic hotel to stay (Radisson Collection Ukraine), an amazing tour program, the best hotels to see in Moscow for tourists of different incomes.

Special thanks to the transport department, good buses, attentive drivers.

There are simply no words, I got amazing emotions, I didn’t even experience such from foreign promotional tours. 4 days flew by in a blink of an eye. Good sales to all of us and grateful tourists. See you on new promotional tours. Yaroslavl

How Intourist lit the stars for travel agents in Moscow

Michurina Larisa, Ufa

2022 is the year for me Time to visit , live in Moscow. I thank the Intourist company for the tour to Moscow in October 2022. I liked the excursion program, it is interesting to go inside the Kremlin to see the temples, chambers, monuments of the Kremlin. A walk around China City, Moscow City – two different Moscows. I was delighted with the Radison Collection Hotel on Kutuzovsky. Rooms, breakfasts, view from the bar and observation deck on floors 31-33. Wherever you look around Beauty Moscow.

With gratitude,

Michurina Larisa LLC “UFA-TOUR”

Photo courtesy of Intourist

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