Working in France : 20 job search sites

For those who are currently looking for a job in France, we have prepared a selection of relevant job search sites! November 06, 2022 0 3 min

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The most famous job site. It combines thousands of vacancies published on a large number of specialized sites or companies.


Tens of thousands of offers are published on the Monster website. This is a must-have resource for job hunting in France.

LinkedIn Jobs

Leading professional social network. The platform not only allows you to create a professional profile, but also offers many vacancies that are published directly by companies.


More than 110,000 vacancies can be found on this site. Searching by type of employment (Accounting – Finance, IT, Catering, etc.) is very effective and allows you to quickly find job offers in the desired field.


The site has a good reputation and offers more than 150,000 vacancies in the regions. You just need to select a region to see all the posted job postings.

Le bon coin

Although this is not the main area of ​​​​activity of this site, job search on it is becoming increasingly important.


Specialized job site for the Paris region. It contains over 30,000 job postings in the Paris region.

Google Jobs

A Google feature that helps you find jobs near you. It brings together job offers found on a large number of websites and search engines. Like all Google services, the site is easy to use and very efficient.


Specialized for executives and recent college graduates, the site offers content based on quality, not quantity. This completely free site offers helpful tips to help you find a job.


The site offers more than 12,000 vacancies, which are read by more than 4 million users every month. Filters by salary, position, contract and sector will be very useful when looking for a managerial type job.


The site advertises only highly paid vacancies (minimum 40,000 euros per year). If you have a professional profile that meets this criteria, this site is perfect!


A job search site designed for executives and managers offers tens of thousands of job openings. It is used by many recruiters and is a great tool to make yourself known when looking for a job.

Le bon coin Emploi Cadres

This is a leboncoin-run website specializing in executive job searches. All you have to do is create a profile with the job you are looking for and you will receive a selection of job offers that match your profile.


Extremely ergonomic and easy to use, the site is an ideal tool for finding a first job or a job for students, especially in new technology sectors. Specializes in offerings to a young audience (18-25 years old).

Welcome to the Jungle

The site has many job openings for startups. You will find a lot of information about recruiting companies such as team photos, interviews, previous year's turnover, etc.

Le Figaro.Emploi (Keljob)

Specialized site in the field of education with many offers.


As the name suggests, the site offers jobs related to the fashion industry, which are ideal for those who are looking for a job in this field of activity.

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