Ukrainians who have received the status of temporary protection in the EU will be able to return there in the winter

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Vit Rakusan, if a Ukrainian citizen left for Ukraine and lives there, having already received the status of temporary protection in one of EU states, he has every right to return to the EU if the conditions do not allow him to stay in Ukraine during the winter. November 05, 2022 0 1 min

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Thus, Ukrainian refugees who received temporary protection in the European Union, but then returned to Ukraine, can again leave for the EU for the winter.

The minister also suggested that the number of refugees in Europe could rise to 5 million due to the onset of cold weather and the energy crisis in Ukraine, as well as the risk of war.

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We also recall that in September the Bulgarian government announced a decision to extend the possibility of free accommodation for Ukrainians in hotels and recreation centers until October 31. Now it became known that this period is planned to be extended until spring – approximately until March.

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