A long, long time ago …This is how stories about Turkey as the most inexpensive destination for budget travelers should begin. Nowadays, tourists are carefully studying the question of when it is cheaper to take a ticket to Turkey. Indeed, at the height of the season or on holidays, holidays on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey can hardly be called budget.

But this does not mean that only wealthy VIP tourists can dream of a vacation on the Turkish Riviera. Experts “Come with us” they told us when the cheapest tours are in Turkey and how to organize a vacation by the sea inexpensively.

Secret #1. Season

When are tours to Turkey the cheapest?

First of all, when planning a Turkish vacation, look at the calendar. The most expensive time of the year in Turkey is summer. Autumn, winter and early spring — tourist lull when tours to Turkey are cheaper and the beaches are less crowded. So, for example, the difference in the cost of July and November tours in the same hotel can reach 30-35%.

Secret #2. High, velvet and low seasons

During the hot summer months, the temperature of the water in the sea, the number of tourists and prices in hotels reach their maximum values ​​of the year. The peak of the tourist season falls on July-August. 

After the summer, in September-October, the velvet season begins, when you can buy a ticket to Turkey cheaper by 10-15%.

The most significant discounts on hotel accommodation are offered during the low season, which lasts from November to March. But it is worth remembering that in winter the number of charter flights decreases, and some hotels close. Which significantly reduces the number of profitable package offers.

Secret #3. Holidays

On New Year's Eve, March 8 and May holidays, prices for hotel rooms traditionally increase. Therefore, considering autumn and winter for holidays, when tours to Turkey are cheaper, do not forget that holidays are an exception to the general rule of “inexpensive off-season”.

Secret #4. Hot tours

Easy-going travelers can rely on luck and live without looking at the calendar, without thinking about which month tours to Turkey are cheaper. Even in summer, you can find last-minute offers from tour operators at a tempting price. -deshevye-4bf7420.jpg” alt=”When are tours to Turkey the cheapest?” />

Most often, last-minute trips with a departure “tomorrow” found in May, June, September and October. When you start hunting for last-minute tours, you need to be ready to hit the road without delay and not be picky about choosing a resort.

Secret #5. Early booking

Tourists who are prudent and prefer to carefully plan their future vacation know exactly when to buy a ticket to Turkey cheaper. 8-9 months before the date of departure. It is with such time frames that early booking promotions offer the most favorable conditions and significant discounts of 15-25%. 

That is, when going on vacation in August, you should think about purchasing a ticket already in November-December of the previous year. At the same time, there is no need to pay the full cost of the tour: the amount of the prepayment is 15-25%, depending on the specific conditions of a particular tour operator. The rest is usually paid 21 days before departure.

Secret #6. Fortuna

A way for the most daring and reckless. You purchase a full package of services, including flights, insurance, transfers and hotel accommodation, but you will find out in which hotel you will rest only upon arrival. Typically, such offers are found in the summer and allow you to save from 10 to 30% of the cost of the “standard” trips.

Secret #7. Resorts

The question of when are the cheapest tours to Turkey is easier to answer by looking in the direction of the “right” resorts that enjoy a reputation as budget, — Kemer, Beldibi, Side, Alanya. Elite Fethiye, Oludeniz, as well as the Lara district in Antalya rarely offer discounts even during the off-season.

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