Card question: tourists told if they need Mir cards on vacation in Thailand


The question of the possibility of using the Mir cards in the kingdom is heard at every meeting of Russian journalists with representatives of the tourism authorities of Thailand.

The answer for half a year is one and the same: “discussions are underway, the issue is being worked out.” It is somewhat surprising that in the Russian media every statement of this kind is treated as “news”.


Due to the impossibility of seeing the real answer about the cards behind the scenes of the “discussions” and “studies”, we asked ourselves a different question.

Is the “card” problem acute for Russian tourists going on vacation to Thailand?< /p>

As practice shows, the reviews of tourists and the ratings of tour operators are more likely no than yes. And here's why.

In Thailand, everything can be easily paid in cash, not by credit card. You don’t need to change a lot of cash: the average tourist does not need fabulous sums to rest in Thailand.

Where can I get cash baht? Method one: in Thailand, you can safely buy baht for cash rubles.

Method two: there is no problem to buy dollars in Russia and exchange them for baht in Thailand. Tourists who have the opportunity to buy a tour to Thailand at an average cost of 200 thousand rubles. for two, the fact that dollars in Russia will have to be bought not at the rate of the Central Bank should not be a problem. If we are talking about small amounts, then the difference in rates for them is hardly noticeable, at least compared to the cost of the entire tour.


Prices in Thailand are more than reasonable. On average, organized tourists (paid hotel, type of food – breakfast) for a week's vacation in the country will be enough for 250 US dollars, says Andrey Snetkov, CEO of TEZ TOUR Thailand.

The correspondent of Vestnik ATOR was also convinced from personal experience: for one person, the amount of $ 200 for a week in Thailand is more than enough. With this money you can eat and shop: buy all kinds of cosmetics, and sauces, and seasonings, and drinks, and even beads and candles for a Buddhist temple (if necessary, of course).

Night market in Thailand. It does not need (and does not accept) any cards. But it is precisely for such exotic that it is worth going to this country. Photo: ATOR

On excursions inside Thailand, you will need at least another 300 dollars. But you can not take them with you, but choose and pay for excursions back in Russia – in rubles, when buying a tour, says Lyubov Chuchmaeva, Marketing Director of the PAX tour operator.


How much do excursions cost if you buy them from Phuket?

For example, an excursion to Khao Lak (Plantation, Elephant Ride, Waterfall Swim, Bamboo Jungle River Rafting, Lunch, Buddhist Temple) $55 and $35 for children.

And a trip to five islands (Viking Lagoon, Bamboo Island, Rayleigh Beach, James Bond Island, Poda Island) costs $115 at PAX and $80 per child.

Trips to Cambodia, of course, more expensive – 560 US dollars for a 5-day tour. And the “Golden Triangle” costs $760 (5 days).

Visit the Siam Niramit show with TEZ TOUR for at least $50, and fly by helicopter over Phuket and the surrounding area – for 320 USD.

Go to the nature reserve Khao Sokwith an overnight stay at Cheo Lan Lake for a minimum of 150 USD, and individual photo session with a professional photographer in the best locations of Phuket is available to TEZ TOUR clients for 135 USD.

Back to newsIn total, even if you buy excursions on the spot, 500-600 dollars will be enough for a very busy week-long vacation. Naturally, everything depends on requests, we took the minimum.

At the exchange rate of the Central Bank on November 7, 62,095 rubles had to be paid for 1,000 dollars. On November 7, at the cash desks of banks, it was possible to buy $1,000 for 75,000 rubles.


in rubles. You can buy Thai “cash” for Russian rubles in some exchangers in Pattaya and Phuket.

In June, as part of a trip to Phuket organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and timed to coincide with the TTM + 2022 exhibition, we managed to buy baht for rubles at the Central Festival Phuket shopping center. Then the exchange rate was 0.39 baht to the ruble.

The opportunity to buy baht for rubles in this shopping center is still there, Andrey Snetkov said. And the exchange rate has become even better compared to summer values.

The other day, according to Andrey Snetkov, the exchange rate there was 0.411 baht to the ruble. That is, for 1 thousand rubles. now you can get more than 400 Thai baht. How much it? Below in the photo are examples of prices for street food.

Card question: Tourists told if they need Mir cards on vacation in Thailand

Prices for street food in Thailand, summer 2022. Photo: ATOR

In summer, the opportunity to buy baht for rubles was in the old city (Old Phuket town). It is difficult to say exactly what the situation is today. But in any case, Andrey Snetkov says, there is an opportunity to buy baht for rubles in Thailand.

Card question: tourists told if they need Mir cards on vacation in Thailand

Here are the prices for full fresh meals at a street restaurant. As you can see, for 400 baht (1000 rubles) you can safely dine together and still have some left. Photo by ATOR


Finally, we contacted tourists who recently returned from Thailand. Our question to them sounded like this: “did you experience discomfort on vacation due to the inability to pay with a card and how much money you spent.”

According to tourists from Moscow, they took 700 US dollars and 50 thousand rubles for two. The hotel and excursions were paid in advance.

When the dollar limit was exhausted, we bought local currency for rubles – for 30 thousand rubles.

They say that it is absolutely impossible to exchange baht for rubles in Thailand problematic. This can be done both in official exchangers and private individuals. Our interlocutors bought from private traders – Russians living in Thailand. But ATOR Bulletin, for its part, recommends buying baht at official exchange offices.

In total, the two tourists spent a total of the equivalent of $ 1,100 on vacation in Thailand (10 nights) and successfully managed without any cards.< /p>

Alexandra Polyanskaya

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