The theater starts with a hanger, and the perfect vacation — with a comfortable flight on an airplane. It is not for nothing that prudent travelers are concerned about the question of which seats to choose on the plane. After all, you really want nothing to overshadow the joyful holiday mood! -mesta-v-airplane-701cdce.jpg” alt=”Where are the worst and best airplane seats?” />

The flight to the popular resorts of Egypt from Kazakhstan takes 5-5.5 hours, to Dubai — 4-4.5 hours, to Antalya on the coast of the Turkish Riviera — about 5 hours. Fly to tropical Phuket for at least 10 hours, to Vietnam — 12-12.5 hours. Long flight — a strong enough argument to take the most comfortable seats on the plane. The seat selection service is usually paid. However, many are willing to pay extra for comfort and the guaranteed opportunity to sit next to their companions.

The best and worst seats on a plane

It is worth noting that everything in our world is relative and every medal has two sides. This is also true with regard to the question of where it is better to take seats on an airplane. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of typical options.

  • Window seat

Plus. Admiring bizarre clouds and mesmerizing views of the Earth from a height of several thousand kilometers is extremely exciting. In addition, a window seat also has purely practical advantages: good lighting, fellow travelers who decide to get up do not bother. But be careful not to buy a “window seat without a window” in a row above a wing or between two windows.

Minus. If that restless fellow traveler — it's you, then every time you get up, you have to disturb the neighbors. Also, the seat next to the porthole is not suitable for those who have a fear of heights and are afraid of flying.

  • A seat in the front row

Plus. Good seats on the plane are in the front of the cabin. Among the main advantages of this option: increased legroom, low turbulence, no one reclines the backs of the seats in front of you. Parents with small children have the opportunity to put a stroller or a cradle.

Minus. It is highly likely that your neighbors will be passengers with children who have priority in the distribution of seats in the front row. In addition, there may be a toilet or kitchen behind the wall in front.

  • Aisle seat

Where are the worst and best places in airplane?

Plus. More space to comfortably position your feet. It is easier to place and then get hand luggage. No need to disturb anyone if you want to get up to stretch or go to the toilet.

Minus. Other passengers will constantly walk past you, flight attendants, and neighbors can disturb you if you doze off.

  • Place in the Middle

Plus. Medium in terms of location and level of convenience, the — quieter than an aisle seat and easier to move around than a window seat. 

Minus. The entire flight will have to sit between two strangers.

  • Seat in front of the emergency exit and/or in the last row

Plus. It is located in the tail section of the aircraft, next to the exit to the gangway. This means that you will be one of the first to exit.

Minus. The reason for the bad “reputation” — inability to recline the back of the chair. There is a high risk that the passenger sitting in front will recline the seat and have to spend the entire flight in a clamped position.

  • Seat near the toilet

Plus. Passengers with children rarely sit here, often neighboring seats are empty.

Minus. Many believe that these are the worst places on the plane due to the incessant flow of people who want to visit the toilet and the associated hustle and bustle. >The location of the seats in the aircraft depends on the model of the aircraft. Airbus cabins differ in size, number of rows, internal layout, and other small and not very details. Somewhere it is impossible to recline the back of the chair, somewhere there is no porthole in the “usual” place. Experienced travelers recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the diagram and description of the aircraft you need, and only then issue tickets.

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