To the hospitable Saint Petersburg – with the whole family for the weekend

The northern capital is perfect for a weekend trip with the whole family. Petersburg has a large selection of museums and leisure places that will be of interest to everyone, regardless of age. Together with the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg, we have compiled a selection of such points of attraction for family tourists.


This is our country in miniature . The layout of almost 800 square meters contains collective images of cities and regions of Russia.

Everything here is like in real life: factories and factories are smoking, railway stations and airports are humming, cars and trains are rushing, night is falling and the sun is rising. If you are extremely careful, you can find a graffiti portrait of Viktor Tsoi, and schoolchildren who run to class, and even guests of the Sochi Olympics.

“Grand Model Russia”. Photo: ATOR

The museum has 40 interactive buttons that set in motion hundreds of miniature trains, cars, ships, and human figures. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail and surprises with details: for example, cars turn on headlights, brake lights and turn lights. You can independently launch some parts of the layout and see how the balloons move, the excavator works, the bridge is raised.

“And what genre scenes! It doesn’t matter how old you are – 5 or 50. Go to the museum!”, visitors write in the reviews.

Some advise you to stock up on time and take binoculars with you to see all the details. You can spend several hours in the largest layout of Russia in the world and not even notice it.

To hospitable St. Petersburg – with the whole family for the weekend

Grand Maket Russia in St. Petersburg. Photo: ATOR


Everything is possible in St. Petersburg, even diving into the fascinating underwater world. You don't have to dive: the marine inhabitants of the Baltic and the World Ocean can be seen in the St. Petersburg Oceanarium, the only one in the North-West region.

More than 4,500 fish, aquatic invertebrates, marine mammals and reptiles are on display in 60 aquariums. The volume of the smallest of the aquariums is 300 liters, and the largest is 750 thousand liters. Above many of them there are special screens where you can read interesting and informative facts about the life of underwater inhabitants.

To hospitable St. Petersburg – with the whole family for the weekend

In the St. Petersburg Oceanarium. Photo: ATOR

One of the last to settle in the Oceanarium was an emerald-green “dragon” – a gecko from the island of Madagascar. He deftly runs along the glass walls and ceiling, does not disturb the melancholic tree frog neighbors and examines the visitors with curiosity.

The Oceanarium is a kind of “museum”, only underwater. Its main attraction is a 35-meter moving tunnel through the main aquarium. In fact, visitors get to a three-meter depth, and only thick glass separates them from aquatic inhabitants – sharks and moray eels.

We advise you to stay in the Oceanarium until the evening – then you will get to the demonstrative feeding of sharks and see how these dangerous predators play with pleasure and even lie in the hands of divers. And you can also appreciate the training of seals, with which experienced instructors work here.


Be sure to plan a trip to Kronstadt – previously closed areas have now been turned into public spaces, to walk on which you can with interest in any weather.

Visit the Island of Forts, the first and largest theme park in Russia dedicated to the Russian Navy. Here, everything is built in a marine style: from benches in the shape of boats to viewing platforms resembling the deck of a ship. A walk along the Alley of Heroes of the Russian Navy with information stands to the Lighthouse of Memory with the names of 200 heroes-sailors, from the era of Peter I to the present day, will replace the excursion.

To hospitable Saint Petersburg &ndash ; with the whole family for the weekend

In winter on the “Isle of Forts”. Photo: press service of the “Island of Forts”

The park has something to do for active kids: there are sports and large playgrounds, and panoramic swings on the shore will please adults too. These facilities are free to use. All-season food courts operate on the territory of the park, where you can have a tasty snack and drink hot tea or coffee.

To hospitable Saint Petersburg &ndash ; with the whole family for the weekend

In winter on the “Isle of Forts”. Photo: press service of the “Island of Forts”

We are sure that after such a short rest, new forces will appear to continue the walk and photosets. It is worth staying longer, because the sunsets on the shore of the Gulf of Finland overlooking the forts are simply amazing!


Steam locomotives are power and strength! You can see these “hard workers” of the past and learn everything about the formation of railways in Russia in one of the largest thematic museums in the world.

It has 28,000 exhibits, including more than 100 units of rolling stock . Such a number of restored steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, diesel engines, wagons, high-speed trains that cannot be counted! Even a whole armored train is standing on the street!

To hospitable Saint Petersburg &ndash ; the whole family for the weekend

The Museum of Russian Railways in St. Petersburg. Photo: ATOR

The multimedia exposition, various operating layouts, the quality of information are all at the highest level. There is a driver's simulator, which is also available for children, you can see a steam locomotive in a section, “ride” in an old carriage, even listen to porters and sit in a dining car. Many exhibits bring history to life and make it interesting for visitors of all ages.

“Space Museum! We recommend a must visit! And be sure to take your children and grandchildren here, they will thank you!” – those who have been there speak about this amazing museum space.


St. Petersburg is one of the most reading cities in Russia, so there are many libraries and bookstores, there are even book spaces.

To hospitable Saint Petersburg &ndash ; the whole family for the weekend

The famous “Subscription Editions” store in St. Petersburg. Photo: ATOR

Take the whole family to one of them – the historic city store “Subscription Editions” on Liteiny Prospekt. Here, in a space with high ceilings and stairs, there are a lot of books for every taste and for all ages; read or drink a cup of delicious coffee by the window, discuss a walk around St. Petersburg or a new book. If you were looking for the perfect bookstore like in the movies, this is the place for you.

There is also a resounding return: on Nevsky Prospekt, the famous House of Books (the historic House of the Singer company) has opened after reconstruction, and this is not only a store, but and stylish public space.

To hospitable Saint Petersburg &ndash ; the whole family for the weekend

House of Books in St. Petersburg. Photo: ATOR

A separate hall has appeared with a stage and seats for spectators, where joint projects with museums, libraries, and educational institutions will take place. Each floor has areas for reading and relaxing. For children – a separate area with a playground. A cafe with a panoramic view of Nevsky Prospekt is also in its place.


How about looking at St. Petersburg from above? Choose observation platforms – on the Dumskaya Tower, the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the bell tower of the Smolny or Vladimir Cathedral – and collect your collection of panoramic photographs of the Northern capital.

The building of the former City Duma is an excellent landmark on Nevsky Prospekt. The high clock tower, and even red, is visible from all sides.

Last autumn, an observation deck on the tower became available to tourists, from where a stunning perspective opens up on Nevsky Prospekt, Kazansky, St. Isaac's, Peter and Paul, Trinity Cathedrals, the House of Books, Gostiny Dvor, as well as the symbol of modern St. Petersburg – Lakhta Center.

For beautiful views of the central, southern and eastern parts of the city, you should go to the bell tower of the Smolny Cathedral. An audio guide is broadcast at this observation deck at a height of 53 meters, thanks to which you can easily navigate the location of the main attractions and learn interesting facts about them.

To hospitable St. Petersburg – with the whole family for the weekend

The building of the former City Duma on Nevsky Prospekt of St. Petersburg. Photo: ATOR

It is now possible to admire the city center from the observation deck of the Vladimir Cathedral. Its 41-meter-high bell tower is one of the highest in the city.

From this lookout you can see the domes of the Smolny Cathedral and the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the spiers of the Admiralty, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Mikhailovsky Castle, the dome of the Singer House and the Dumskaya Tower, perspective Vasilyevsky island. St. Isaac's Cathedral appears in all its glory.

Why not climb its colonnade again to compare impressions and, without prompting, find the already familiar silhouettes of St. Petersburg spiers and historical buildings?

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New Year's Petersburg. Photographer Sergey Bogomyako.

You can learn more about tourist traditions, sights, routes and cultural events in St. Petersburg on the official city tourism portal, on its official VKontakte page and Telegram channel.

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