TEZ TOUR and the best of the best ended the 2022 summer season in Turkey grandiosely. Market professionals were met by one of the most sought-after and beautiful hotels in Belek – Calista Luxury Resort. The 5-day author's off-site tour “Love in the Big City” has turned into an unforgettable journey with the participation of more than 150 top agencies from Russia and Kazakhstan.

TEZ TOUR gave colleagues the opportunity not only for professional development, but also for a unique vacation in the company of like-minded people. The relaxation program, filled with bright and interesting activities away from worries and problems, contributed to easy communication. In addition to getting to know the luxurious Calista Luxury Resort, each of the sales leaders had a great opportunity to personally communicate with the company's management and solve important issues in a relaxed atmosphere. Every day was filled with new contacts and meetings with old friends, and excursions to colorful Turkey and culinary master classes brought a special flavor. One of the brightest chords of the author's tour was the Gala Dinner, where the best travel agents received well-deserved awards from TEZ TOUR.

“Love in the big city” is communication with like-minded people, outdoor activities, evening entertainment, shopping and, of course, the sea, the sun, delicious food and hospitable Turkey, which is so loved not only Russian tourists, but also professionals. November 7-11, 2022, without exaggeration, have become one of the brightest and most memorable days of the year! Calista Luxury Resort once again proved its title of one of the most luxurious hotels for the most demanding clients.

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