«Infoflot" on the results of record cruise navigation in 2022 and popular cruises for the 2023 season

On November 18, river cruise navigation in 2022 was completed, which became a record in terms of duration. The experts of the Infoflot cruise center summed up the completed navigation, shared information about popular cruises for the winter season, as well as for 2023.

The general trend in the cruise sector is as follows: in 2022, river cruises in Russia showed excellent growth. In foreign cruises, although the total number of destinations available to Russian tourists has decreased, visa-free cruises from Sochi to Turkey have appeared, and boarding protocols have also been simplified for a number of companies.

Cruise center experts note that the number of cruise tourists has grown by 40% and amounted to approximately 700,000 people. The main trigger for attracting attention to cruise holidays was the cashback program, which, according to experts, increased the flow of tourists by 30%. The average tourist bill increased by 12% compared to last year and amounted to 57,000 rubles. It is also important that now cruise products in general are characterized by an increase in quality and an increase in the level of service.

According to experts, it is still difficult to give specific forecasts for 2023, as there are too many unknowns. However, it can be expected that next season the tourist flow in the cruise industry will continue to grow and will increase by another 100,000 people.

Navigation in Russia has come to an end, but for an agent this does not mean at all that sales of cruises can be forgotten until the start of the new season. The off-season on cruises has disappeared and now agents can continue to earn absolutely at any time of the year.

  • Firstly, there are now a lot of sea cruises on the market available for the Russian market, among which visa-free destinations can be distinguished: New Year cruises on the Astoria Grande from Sochi to Turkey and MSC cruises on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

In the summer season 2023, cruises from Sochi to Turkey are already available for booking, where the season starts on April 29 and will last until October 28. Until November 30, special booking conditions and bonuses are valid.

  • Secondly, tourists are now willing to buy cruises for the new season, taking advantage of early bookings. Cruises along the Golden Ring, between Moscow and St. Petersburg, cruises to Tatarstan, to the Solovetsky Islands are invariably especially popular. Also, tourists book long cruises of 14 days or more, unique cruises on the Ob and Irtysh, Baikal, Yenisei, since prices are more affordable with early bookings. Increased attention is also observed to the ships-new navigation 2023: “City Lights”, “Sergey Diaghilev”, “Alexandra (“T.G. Shevchenko”)”, “General Lavrinenkov”, “Igor Stravinsky”.
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    Cooperation with Infoflot is convenient, profitable and promising.

    • For partners there is a specialized telegram channel with news, free promotional materials and current offers.
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    You can always get advice from the experts of the cruise center “Infoflot” by phone 8 800 707 50 35 or email newagent@infoflot.com

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