Where and how to relax in Tyumen during the thermal season

In Tyumen, proudly bearing the honorary title of the capital of thermal waters, the season of bathing in hot springs started in November. Tourists who have already visited the first Russian city of Siberia during this period know that healing waters are only a small part of the multifaceted recreation in the Tyumen region. We have compiled a mini-guide on the autumn-winter opportunities of the region, located just a two-hour flight from Moscow.


< pclass="normal">Tourists are already enjoying swimming and are actively sharing photos and their vivid impressions of visiting the springs on social networks. The fact that hot healing springs arouse the increased interest of travelers is easily explained.

Firstly, health improvement has been a steady trend for at least a couple of recent years. And Tyumen, located just a two-hour flight from Moscow and three from St. Petersburg, perfectly meets such requests of tourists.

Secondly, thermal springs in Tyumen are never boring. Bathing can be easily combined, depending on the chosen resort, with all sorts of entertainment, for example, visiting a bathhouse, restaurants, walking in a picturesque area.

If we talk about the start of the thermal season, then hot springs – it is also an opportunity to receive gifts and save money.


Pleasant bonuses await tourists in the new thermal season. So, only until December 4, every weekend at the hot springs of Tyumen there are discounts on entry, interactive and entertainment programs are held with the participation of animators and DJs, guests are waiting for gifts from Visit Tyumen.

In between swimming and entertainment, tourists will be able to take memorable pictures in the photo zones. You can learn more about special offers and resorts where they will operate here.


In the Tyumen region, there are about 20 thermal springs with natural sodium chloride water, the temperature of which ranges from +36 to +48 ⁰С.

Tyumen, LetoLeto thermal resort. Photo courtesy of the Agency for Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen Region

The thermal waters of Tyumen, gushing out of the ground, are many times superior in their unique composition to similar sources in the resorts of France, Italy, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

< p class="normal">As for the infrastructure, it is also at a decent level. Comfortable conditions have been created for those who want to experience the properties of water.

It will be good for tourists with completely different requests. There are springs for lovers of unity with nature, for cheerful companies, for tourists with children. There are budget ones for those who want to save money, as well as for those who are not used to denying themselves something.

The format of visiting thermal resorts is also for any needs – you can do it as part of an independently organized trip, you can along the line of tour operators.


A bright option for discerning tourists is the sanatorium Siberia Resort & Spa. Guests of the largest health resort in the West Siberian region breathe clean pine air, undergo spa treatment, work out in gyms, steam in baths, taste Siberian cuisine in restaurants and, of course, swim in thermal pools in the open air.

< pclass="normal">The sanatorium cares about the quality of rest of its guests, so recovery is always complemented by an interesting entertainment program. Vacationers watch movies at the cinema, ride horses, attend concerts, listen to live music, sing karaoke, play billiards, participate in cooking classes, do Nordic walking.

Another representative of the famous Tyumen thermal resorts – “LetoLeto”. A beautifully designed spring with thermal mineral water is adjacent to a unique SPA complex with an area of ​​1,500 sq. m, baths and saunas, a swimming pool and an indoor water park. Guests visiting LetoLeto can stay at the Leto Leto Thermal Resort & Spa 4 * in the resort. Here you should definitely go to the August restaurant.

Where and how to relax in Tyumen during the thermal season

Thermal resort “Summer Summer” in Tyumen. Photo courtesy of the Agency for Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen Region

Do you want to swim in the spring and see ancient pine trees in front of you? Verkhniy Bor” at your service. In addition to the pool with thermal water, there is a picturesque lake Upper Krivoe, along the banks of which it will be pleasant to walk even in winter.

Where and how to relax in Tyumen during the thermal season

Thermal resort “Verkhniy Bor” in Tyumen. Photo provided by the Tourism and Promotion Agency of the Tyumen Region

An ideal place for a secluded outdoor recreation is the Avan country club. The temperature of the water in the local source does not fall below +42 degrees even in winter. In addition to the source itself, there is a waterfall, water rides, and a hydromassage pool.

The “Taiga” spring allows you to feel alone with nature”, located in a unique and very beautiful eco-park of the same name, just a 30-minute drive from Tyumen.

Guests of this source swim in a comfortable pool with thermal mineral water, the temperature of which is at around 34 ºC up to 38ºC. And on the territory of the ecopark itself there are special creative photo zones. For example, a “TV” or a real AN-2 aircraft, the doors of which are always open for seekers of special experiences.

In addition to Taiga, thermal resorts in Tyumen popular with tourists also include: Sovetsky, Tyumensky thermal complex, Wave” >and others. You can get acquainted with the full list here.


A visit to popular springs such as Verkhniy Bor, Avan, LetoSummer is included in the 4-day program Tyumen Termy. Hot heart of Siberia +”.

This package tour is an excellent solution for tourists who want to visit hot springs in one trip, and try Siberian cuisine in good restaurants, and get to know Tyumen as part of a sightseeing tour, and visit the Central Market, where you can buy gastronomic souvenirs. For example, sausage made from bear meat, venison, wild boar, Siberian noble fish (muksun, sterlet), pine nuts, lingonberries, cranberries.

What gastronomic delights await the participants of the tour? Sterlet and whitefish stroganina, venison, game meat jelly, pike cutlets and Siberian fish pies. And also a dessert of frozen Siberian berries with pine nuts and spruce cone jam. And wash it all down with fragrant Siberian herbal tea.

Where and how to relax in Tyumen during the thermal season

Tyumen dessert: jam from young cones and pine nuts. Photo: ATOR

As part of a sightseeing tour, tourists are introduced to the historical center, the beauty of Tyumen squares, the history of Tyumen streets and monuments, and the secrets of the intricate patterns of traditional Siberian carvings on the architraves of old houses.

There will definitely be a walk along on the territory of the Holy Trinity Monastery, along the Bridge of Lovers and the only 4-level embankment in Russia.


Tourists who come to Tyumen in the autumn-winter season are waiting for new items. One of them is for connoisseurs of relaxing holidays and thermal springs, of course.

This year to the bath complex “City steam rooms“, which pleases tourists with a bathhouse, a hammam , a restaurant and an outdoor jacuzzi pool, a bath club “Biography” and “Bani Siberia” were added.

Where and how to relax in Tyumen during the thermal season

Tyumen city steam rooms. Photo courtesy of the Agency for Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen Region

In “Biography”, in addition to an open-air pool, a Russian bath, there is an Egyptian rasoul (Egyptian bath), a bar and a stylish Italian restaurant.

And the guests of the new complex “Baths of Siberia” are waiting for a real journey called “Sweat and be inspired.” After visiting the bath, tourists say this: “I went to the Siberian bath and realized that I had been steaming wrong all my life.” They also indicate the high level of the complex and the thoughtfulness of every detail of the rest.

In the “Baths of Siberia” guests are offered large programs with aroma inhalation, soaring, salt peeling, broom massage, contrasts and cold soaring on a swing. All this happens in cozy baths on the water with panoramic windows and access to the lake. By the way, cold soaring on a swing is an exclusive from the Baths of Siberia.


From relaxing novelties to gastronomic novelties. Tyumen restaurateurs are famous for their creative approach to the table.

The menu of Tyumen restaurants surprises even discerning gourmets: stewed bear meat, vinaigrette with milk mushrooms, fragrant Siberian liqueurs, Sosvinskaya herring and much more.

At Remezov“A dumplings menu has appeared, in which, in addition to the expected fillings of venison, roe deer, duck, there are dumplings from omul, pike perch and whitefish.

In the updated menu of another restaurant in Tyumen – “ The capital of the villages” – the chef wrote in such dishes as “sturgeon on birch beams”, “Saratsen millet porridge with elk cheek”, “corn waffle with hare pate”, buckwheat tea and much more.

In the new restaurant “SibirSibir» in addition to hearty dishes with a northern flavor, you can try the spectacular Mammoth dessert, which is served on a meringue ice floe in a puff of liquid nitrogen smoke.

Where and how to relax in Tyumen during the thermal season

Dessert “Mammoth “. Photo provided by the Tourism and Promotion Agency of the Tyumen Region

By the way, the Siberian trend has also reached fast food. A set of Sibir burger, reindeer beef with berry sauce and lingonberry tea is now served at Tesla Burger.


To complete the sensations of a Siberian holiday, you should definitely add unforgettable husky sleigh rides and acquaintance with reindeer to hot springs, a bathhouse and northern cuisine. For these purposes, tourists come to the recreation center “Lesnoy Pond“, where the husky kennel is located. And they ride sleds there.

Where and how to relax in Tyumen during the thermal season

In the husky park in Tyumen. Photo courtesy of the Agency for Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen Region

And for those who want not only to ride, but also to talk with dogs, learn their history and rush beyond the horizon through the winter forest, a village of sled dogs has opened Fast paws” at the recreation center “Kuliga-Park“. There you can also treat reindeer with reindeer moss. In winter, mini-tours of 3-7 km across the Siberian expanses are planned for tourists.

Tyumen will continue to please its guests with novelties that tourists will be able to appreciate already in the upcoming winter season. ATOR Bulletin will definitely tell about the winter charm of Tyumen in the next issues.

Alexandra Polyanskaya

Photo: provided by the Tourism Agency of the Tyumen Region

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