Public transport will become free in one of the Italian cities

The municipal authorities of the Italian city of Genoa have decided to make public transport free of charge until 2024. Thus, Genoa will become the first city in Italy where travel will be free. November 22, 2022 0 1 min

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Note that the local authorities took the first steps towards this back in 2021. Then tickets for some public transport were abolished – elevators and rack railway. The authorities wanted to encourage people to use cars less, and it worked – 30% more people began to use public transport. Following this success, the authorities decided to expand free travel to other modes of transport, such as buses and the metro.

The main goal of the innovation is to reduce the amount of harmful carbon dioxide emissions and slow down global warming.

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We also remind you that on November 15, a new Arrival Center for Ukrainian refugees began its work in Vienna. The center offers refugees temporary shelter, and also operates as a primary care center for those who come from Ukraine and are looking for a temporary place to sleep.

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