What could be more pleasant than relaxing by the sea in southern countries? Only an inexpensive beach holiday abroad at a discount! No wonder experienced travelers carefully monitor when it is cheaper to take a ticket to Egypt. After all, spending a vacation at an affordable price on the Red Sea, enjoying the joys of unlimited all inclusive, is incredibly tempting.

Winter and summer — for an economical budget 

It's no secret that the — one of the key factors in the issue of price when it comes to holidays at sea. When choosing which month is the cheapest to relax in Egypt, concentrate your search on two periods:

  • from the 2nd half of November to the beginning of March;
  • late June to early September.

Egypt is famous for being a year-round beach destination. And the winter/summer price reduction has nothing to do with the inability to sunbathe and swim. Why is the cost of Egyptian holidays less in winter and summer? The experts of “Come with us” shared the features of low-cost seasons in Egypt.

In January and February, when tours to Egypt are the cheapest, the popular Egyptian resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh have summer-like sunny and warm weather with an average daily temperature +22… +26°C. The sea warms up to + 20°C. 

When are tours to Egypt the cheapest?

A characteristic feature of this period — strong winds, which can make staying on the beach uncomfortable. “Hide” you can get away from them by choosing a hotel in a calm bay. A heated swimming pool on site will allow you not to worry about storms and vagaries of the weather.

Summer — the most budgetary time for a holiday in Egypt due to high temperatures, which can reach +45 ° C. Yes, yes, surprisingly, it can be too hot for a seaside holiday. But with the water temperature in the sea + 28 ° C, you can swim, dive and snorkel to your heart's content, without the risk of freezing and getting cold. An additional argument in favor of summer holidays — excellent conditions for scuba diving in July-August.

Air conditioners in hotel rooms, shady lounge areas, awnings and umbrellas by the pools and beaches help to cope with the heat. The correct daily routine is of great importance: it is better to go to the beach before 11-00 and after 15-00. It is important not to forget about sunscreen and drinking regime. 

For the holidays in Egypt 

The question, when are the cheapest tours to Egypt, has two correct answers at once – in winter and summer. But there is a small exception — holidays, during which prices in hotels traditionally rise. These include:

  • New Year and Christmas;
  • February 14th;
  • March 8;
  • May holidays.

But if the desire to spend the holidays at sea is great, then you should not deny yourself the pleasure of going to the country of deserts and pyramids. Leave a request for the selection of a tour to the travel managers of “Come with us”: this way you will definitely not miss the moment when trips to Egypt are cheaper and you will be aware of the best offers of tour operators for the holidays. 

Is it possible to relax in Egypt for $100?

Early booking and last minute tours — two main ways to cheaply buy a tour to Egypt, even in the high season, which falls on spring and autumn. Are you sure about your next vacation dates? Start choosing options 8-9 months before departure, when you can buy a ticket to Egypt for 25-35% cheaper.

When are tours to Egypt the cheapest?

For easy-going travelers, last-minute offers and canceled tours are a good option. The maximum discount is offered for tours with a departure in 2-3 days.

But in both cases, you should not count on discounts of more than 50%. The current conditions of the tourist market make “Egypt for a hundred dollars” impossible today. So, the minimum price for a week of rest in a 3-star hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh for two adult tourists at the end of November 2022 is just over 850 USD.

When you meet a really cheap option, do not hesitate. After all, competition among “bargain hunters” very large. Book a profitable offer without much thought and discussion.

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