Irons and more: what items are prohibited on board a cruise ship?

Most cruise lines have the same list of prohibited items. They are usually published in the “Help” or “Frequently Asked Questions” sections of Internet sites. Don't be surprised if you see items there that you think would be quite useful on board.

Irons and garment steamers

You can safely add electrical appliances to the list of prohibited items: coffee makers, electric kettles, water heaters, etc.

If you absolutely must make coffee yourself, take a small French press and pour hot water from the bar. Or order coffee to be delivered to your room.

Hair irons

Most companies, including Royal Caribbean, Disney, Celebrity, Cunard, Seabourn and Viking allow guests to take curling irons or curling irons on board.

But MSC Cruises has included hair straighteners in the list of prohibited ones.

A word of advice: try to stay away from fire detectors while curling or straightening your hair – it is very sensitive to heat.

Sharp objects

Irons and more: what items are prohibited on board a cruise ship?

Most cruise operators, such as Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and Holland America, ban scissors and knives with blades longer than 10 cm. Others, such as Disney, ban knives entirely, regardless of blade length. This also applies to straight razors.

Tees and extensions with surge protection

You will have to give up the habit of carrying an extra tee with an extension cord with you on a trip – such devices are prohibited on most cruise ships. Moreover, modern ships have a sufficient range of electrical outlets and conveniently located USB ports.

Better take care of the adapter adapter to use both 110-volt (American) and 220-volt (European) sockets in your cabin.

The only exception to this rule is medical equipment, and even then, if it requires an extension cord.

Candles and incense

You might want to capture the perfect bird's eye view of the ship. We recommend that you first consult with the cruise company. Some ships allow quadcopters to be carried and stored in the cabin, while others prohibit them from being carried on board.

The same rule largely applies to kites and other similar items that “can” fly. On most ships, they are prohibited for safety reasons and should not be brought on board.

If you have a special event, a holiday, or just want to create a mood and decorate the door or walls of your cabin, you need to think 100 times. Items such as wobblers and helium-filled balloons are on most cruise lines' prohibited items list.

Both Disney and Carnival do not allow balloons on board, while Royal Caribbean and MSC are fine this includes.

Own food

Irons and more: what items are prohibited on board a cruise ship?

Do not even think about taking on board something half-eaten in a restaurant or cooked at home.

At the same time, passengers are allowed to take with them packaged, unopened – in their original packaging, non-perishable snacks. This helps a lot if the kids have a special diet or food allergies.

Certain sunscreens

In general, when you go on a cruise, resist the temptation to bring homey stuff with you. Some items you are used to when traveling are not allowed on board a cruise ship.

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