Family History — Maldives

< p>Discovery, relaxation, relaxation and adventure – time with family is always meaningful, a time that creates memories and expands horizons.

The main attraction of the Indian Ocean is the variety of unique excursions with immersion in the natural world. Whale watching, semi-submarine excursions, luxury yacht trips, diving with turtles and whale sharks. Family adventures are possible here on land, above and below water.

Family History — Maldives

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• Warmth, palm trees, snow-white beaches, coral reefs – you can talk endlessly about the untouched nature of the islands!< br />• You can swim with fish and dolphins, dive into the depths of the ocean near the coral reef. Magic is nearby day and night, and most importantly, it is completely safe.
• Everything is nearby on the islands. All restaurants, children's activities, spas are within a minute's reach for you – quickly and conveniently for the whole family.
• Many hotels have created multi-bedroom family villas for you. There is a place for everyone, whether you want to relax on the beach, frolic in the pool, play with children – this is your home away from home.
• Kids clubs and family entertainment that no other destination in the world can offer.
Family History — Maldives


We've put together a list of hotels that perfectly balance luxury, simplicity and adventure for the whole family. Each resort offers an endless variety of fun and family entertainment.

Children find magic because they are looking for it. And in the Indian Ocean it is much easier to find it. The very nature of the Maldives calls to explore them. Snow-white beaches, palm groves and, of course, the whole underwater world is waiting for young discoverers. The hotels we want to talk about take fun very seriously. Educational programs that inspire and motivate young minds are completely safe, whether it's pirate ships or puppet shows, campsites or workshops. The interests of each child are taken into account in order to make a small dream come true.


Autumn, winter and spring holidays are especially fun here. Large-scale shows with costumes, favorite characters and contests are being prepared for children.

Family History — Maldives


Adventure is not just for adults at Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi. Nature, water, amazing rides and activities will keep kids busy for hours at Young Discovery Park. A well-known Maldivian artist every day helps kids to reach their maximum creative potential while painting.

Nestled in the woods and looking like a circus, the Explorers Kids Club at Niyama Private Islands Maldives really lets the imagination run wild. From master classes for little chefs, dolphin watching, bubble making and art classes, Niyama knows how to capture children's minds and hearts.

Research is a creative activity, especially in JOALI Maldives, where children's dreams come true in the most vibrant colors.

The Den Kids Zone at Soneva Fushiand completely out of the ordinary. There is a pirate ship, water slides, a music room with various instruments, and cooking classes, and even a cinema

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands children can feel unity with the 4 elements of the Maldives: land, water, landscape and culture. At The Shutterfish Photo Studio, we help aspiring photographers learn the art of photography by capturing or shooting with a drone every moment of their adventure.

The magic of the Maldives is available day and night.

Family History — Maldives


We know how important quality time spent together is. You can stretch together in yoga, learn to surf, or plant a personalized coral in the ocean under the supervision of a marine biologist. The possibilities are endless. Each of these family programs has a lot of ocean: kitesurfing or water skiing, parasailing or diving with manta rays – all the wonders of the water world are open to you.

Spend fun and carefree time with your family at JOALI Maldives< /strong> surrounded by nature. From whale watching to semi-submarine trips and luxury yachts, there are activities for the family above, below and on the turquoise ocean. There are many family villas with two or more bedrooms. The hotel strives to create a truly family atmosphere.

Dive collectively into the depths of the Indian Ocean with turtles and whale sharks, or climb up the climbing wall at One&Only Reehti Rah. You can pick up a handmade souvenir from the Maldives. Come make your memories come true in the art and pottery workshop and create art together, in the style of your family. Or send the little ones to swimming lessons under the supervision of professional coaches. Lessons for all ages and skill levels.

In Vakkaru Maldives every member of the family will be given attention, the little ones at the Parrotfish Club, teenagers at the Coconut Club for older children, the whole family during special spa programs. You can do a healing sound meditation or go on a picnic together on an uninhabited sandbar in the middle of the ocean, enjoying the sun and each other.

Niyama Private Islands Maldiveschanges ideas about family ideals. Practical activities that involve each member of the family encourage new discoveries about each other. Try an underwater photography course, take a catamaran ride or take to the skies on a parasailing trip. Niyama also took care of adrenaline lovers. Here you can play hockey, golf, try target shooting and, of course, explore the hotel's surf spots.

The Den at Soneva Jani– the largest gaming area in the Maldives and one of the largest in all of Asia. There is a place for teenagers, older children and the very, very young. Zipline through cascading waterfalls, splash around in a pool, explore a pirate ship, learn to do tricks on a skate ramp – can you imagine the eyes of the kids who saw this list of activities? And when night falls, teens can have fun at the Cave Bar with DJs and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Family History — Maldives


The Indian Ocean offers extreme adventure, nature enjoyment, and luxurious accommodations for an action-packed vacation together. Overwater villas, waterslides, indoor cinemas and a personal butler are all gathered on its shores for your enjoyment. Direct access to the beach beckons to enjoy the sand and water, private pools in the villas invite you to relax, ocean views inspire you to dream, and your own equipped kitchen whets your appetite. Each space is designed to be a luxurious home for you while you are away from home.

Seclusion is the key word to describe a family residence over the water in Vakkaru Maldives. 4 adults and 4 children can stay here with views of the Indian Ocean, two pools and a private chef who will cook for the whole family.

Discreetly invites you from the infinity pool straight to the white soft sand of the Beach Pool Villa of The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands. Floor-to-ceiling floor-to-ceiling floor-to-ceiling showers and views provide a sense of being one with nature.

Family Beach Pool Villa at Niyama Private Islands Maldives is your very own oasis. Enjoy the views of the turquoise ocean during the day, and in the evening gather at the home theater eating popcorn.

Crusoe Reserve Villa at Soneva Janilives up to its name. Hidden deep in the mangroves, this two-story house is a real island retreat. But unlike Robinson Crusoe's cabin, there is a large slide for the kids and cozy hammocks above the pool for the whole family to “do nothing”.

Private Residences from Velaa Private Island can accommodate up to 10 guests – ideal for a large family. Your own fitness room to work out together, a fully equipped kitchen to eat together, and an al fresco screen to enjoy the Maldivian evenings.

Dissolve into the sun and each other.

Family History — Maldives

And to make your experience even better, hotels try to pamper their guests with promotions and various gifts – up to 40% discounts, room and food upgrades, free transfers, room compliments and much, much more.

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