Free Paris: how to save money in the French capital

Paris is not the most budget city, but this is not at all an obstacle to enjoying it to the fullest. You can do this completely free of charge, you just need to take note of some tricks that will make the visit even more intense. November 27, 2022 0 2 min

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Free tours

As in most European capitals, you can visit Paris on a free tour. A large selection of excursions for every taste can be obtained at Choose an option to your liking, a suitable language, register and go! And on you will find 3-hour tours from local guides.


Remember: Parisian museums are free on the following occasions:

  • every first Sunday of the month from October to April;
  • some museums (such as the Louvre) are free on Bastille Day (July 14), Museum Night (third Saturday in May) and White Night (first Saturday in October);
  • most museums are free for children under 12 , while the Louvre is under 18;
  • national museums are free for students under 26 (if you have an ISIC card or a student card from a European university);
  • city museums are free for everyone, just find out which museums are city museums. This is, for example, the Museum of Paris.


Most of the most famous places in Paris are absolutely free to visit – the Tuileries Garden, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Cité, the Pont Alexandre III and other. An article with a 3-day Paris itinerary from a guide will help you build the best route.

Also be sure to check out our selection of the 20 most interesting places to see in Paris. All the main places are there!

Remember that bread and water in Parisian establishments are served free of charge. But keep in mind that often, by default, waiters take orders for mineral water, this is paid. To order plain water, use the phrase “Carafe d'eau s'il vous plaît” (Carafe do sol vuple). This means that you are ordering free water.

In the center of Georges Pompidou, a free observation deck is available to visitors, which offers a breathtaking view of the city. Another cool view point is the Sacre Coeur Basilica. In the warm season, Parisians spend evenings and meet sunsets in Montmartre, just at the foot of the basilica. One of the best views of Paris opens from there!

Public toilets in Paris are free and there are plenty of them around the city. So if you see a gray booth on the street, then he is. An important point: you can enter only after the green light is on, otherwise you risk buying a little more.

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