Snowy – magical: ideas for winter holidays in the Tyumen region

There are at least two arguments in favor of a trip to the winter Tyumen. First, it's close. Only two hours by plane from Moscow. And second, it's exciting. Hot springs, Siberian soaring in the baths, sled dog riding – this is what makes the Tyumen winter brighter. We have compiled a list of the most interesting winter activities in the Tyumen region.

What are some memorable trips to please yourself during the January holidays and in general during the snowy season? This question at the start of winter has already managed to ask itself, perhaps, every travel lover.

For tourists who will spend their winter holidays in Tyumen and for those who are still deciding on a trip, ATOR Bulletin has prepared inspiring landmarks that will help you get the most out of winter in the Tyumen Region.


The winter tourist image of the Tyumen region is really interesting and universal: travelers with completely different preferences find something of their own here, allowing them to call their vacation complete.

You can have a bright winter vacation, for example, at thermal resorts, of which more than twenty are open in the region today.

With swimming in healing water, rich excursion programs both in Tyumen and in nearby guardian cities are perfectly combined an impressive number of historical sights – Tobolsk and Yalutorovsk.


For tourists whose main purpose of coming to winter Tyumen should be hot springs, there is an interesting option – a three-day tour “Siberian Therms”, which starts on December 31.

Thermal resort LetoSummer, winter. Photo: Visit Tyumen

Tourists relax in hot springs, walk along the historical streets and modern squares of Tyumen, if they wish, they are initiated into oil workers, and also go on an excursion to Tobolsk.

Tour “Siberian Christmas” ”, starting on January 4, will be appreciated by lovers of history and delicious food. Tour participants will have a New Year's theatrical tour of Tyumen with songs, visits to iconic places.

There will be bathing in thermal springs, and acquaintance with the house-museum of Rasputin, and the Tobolsk bone carving factory, and the Tobolsk Kremlin. A delicious Christmas dinner with Siberian flavor awaits tourists.


Tourists who come to Tobolsk, the first capital of Siberia, will first of all admire the Tobolsk Kremlin, the only stone the Kremlin of Trans-Ural Russia.

Snow – magical : ideas for winter holidays in the Tyumen region

Tobolsk in winter. Photo: Visit Tyumen

In winter, the Kremlin, located on a high cape and seemingly hovering over the lower reaches of the Irtysh, looks especially mysterious. Walking around the Kremlin, you should definitely go to the observation deck, admire from there a stunning view of the confluence of the Irtysh and Tobol rivers.

After historical and architectural monuments and beautiful landscapes, entertainment events will take over the New Year mood for city guests. They will take place both in the upper and lower parts of Tobolsk. And there are a lot of them planned for the New Year holidays.

On the Market Square in Nizhny Posad of Tobolsk, you can have fun at Christmas festivities, visit the fair, take part in various amusements.

And also – to go skating on the big city skating rink and send a holiday card through fabulous mail. She will work at the residence of Father Frost at the Visit Tobolsk tourist information center from December 25 to January 6.


It will be possible to meet Father Frost on New Year's holidays at any city ​​of the Tyumen region.

We recommend to please little travelers with a trip to the Chambers of Moroz-Voevoda, which are located in Verkhniy Posad in Tobolsk. There will be games, master classes, quests and an interactive program designed to charge its participants with a festive mood and give knowledge about the history of Siberia.

Father Frost is also waiting for guests in his Yalutorovsky residence in Yalutorovsky prison. It will be possible to chat with the main winter wizard there from December 25 to 29.

And from December 20 to 30 and from January 3 to January 7, New Year's quests “Berendey's Code, or Babki-Ezhki Against! “. Grandmothers-hedgehogs will flock to the prison, do things, because of which the New Year will not be able to come. Spectators will have to release Father Frost.


New Year holidays in the capital of the Tyumen region are picturesque landscapes, swimming in thermal springs under the starry sky, strong Siberian steam in baths, restaurants of author's cuisine, numerous winter funs.

Riding on sled dogs. Tourists also love high-speed descents from steep hills, skating.

Snow – magical : ideas for winter holidays in the Tyumen region

Huskies in Tyumen. Photo: Visit Tyumen

The embankment of the Tura River is very beautiful and attractive for tourists vacationing in Tyumen at any time of the year. In winter, there is a skating rink and a cafe.

Walk along the pedestrian Dzerzhinsky Street, which has carefully preserved merchant mansions to this day, will perfectly immerse you in the atmosphere of the first Russian city in Siberia.

Tourists will also be pleasantly surprised by the restaurants of Tyumen, whose menu includes dishes of merchant and Siberian cuisine. It is worth trying such spectacular author's dishes as stewed bear meat, vinaigrette with milk mushrooms, “sturgeon on birch beams”, “porridge from Saracen millet with elk cheek” and desserts with taiga berries.

Snow – magic: ideas for winter holidays in Tyumen region

We recommend trying desserts from taiga berries in Tyumen restaurants. Photo: Visit Tyumen


The strength of tourist Tyumen is not only in its diversity, but also in the fact that it never stands still. The region replenishes its tourist assortment with enviable regularity. This allows guests of the region to come to Tyumen every new time, as if for the first time.

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