How to get from Ukraine to Hungary?

The most convenient way now is the railway. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukrzaliznytsia has significantly expanded its network of routes – now Ukraine and Hungary are united by 11 routes. December 14, 2022 0 2 min

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What routes from Ukraine to Hungary are available?

  • №749/140 Kyiv – Budapest (as part of direct carriages Kyiv – Vienna);< /li>
  • №31 Mukacheve – Budapest. This train runs daily, departing from Mukachevo at 16:30, Chop passes at 17:40/18:15, Ferihegi (airport) at 22:14/22:15, and arrives at Budapest-Nyugati station at 22:37;
  • №34/33 Budapest – Mukachevo. Daily train departing from Budapest-Nyugati station at 07:23, stopping at Ferihegi (airport) at 07:42/07:43, Chop at 13:40/14:20, and arriving in Mukachevo at 15:30. Back from Mukachevo at 12:30, Chop 13:40/14:10, Ferihegi/Airport 18:14/18:15, arrival in Budapest-Nyugat at 18:37;
  • №140 Vienna-Zachony-Chop and No. 149 Chop-Zachony-Vienna. These flights are daily, with a change in Zahony. Departs from Vienna at 16:42 and arrives in Chop at 02:28 (with the possibility of a convenient transfer to 749/750 in Kyiv). He travels back from Chop at 03:28 (also convenient from train 749/750), arriving in Vienna at 11:21.
  • №6280/6281 Zahony – Chop – Zahony
  • strong>. Daily departures from Zahony at 03:42, arrival in Chop at 05:00, and back from Chop at 05:29 and arrival in Zahon at 04:47;

  • №6282/6283 Zahony – Chop – Zahony. Runs daily and departs from Zahony at 06:34, arrives in Chop at 07:52, travels back from Chop at 08:22, and arrives in Zahon at 07:40;
  • №6284 Debrecen – Mukachevo. Runs every day through Nyiregyhaza, Kishvarda and Chop, and the final stop is Mukachevo;
  • №6285 Chop – Zahony. Daily flight from Chop at 10:25, arriving in Zahon at 09:43;
  • №6286/6287 Zahony – Chop – Zahony. Daily departure from Zahony at 14:24, arrival in Chop at 15:42.
  • №6288/6289 Zahony – Chop – Zahony. The train runs daily from Zakhon at 18:37, and arrives in Chop at 19:55, leaves Chop at 20:25, arrives in Zakhon at 19:43;
  • №6290/6291 Zahony – Chop – Zahony. Departure from Zahony is scheduled at 20:41, arrival in Chop at 21:59. The return trip from Chop departs at 22:29 and arrives in Zahon at 21:47 daily.

Note that train tickets to Hungary can only be purchased at the station ticket offices, and some can be purchased directly at trains.

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