Russian tourists often buy travel insurance while already abroad

Buy travel insurance if you are already abroad? This previously unavailable service is now offered by some Russian insurance companies. The Russians are actively using this opportunity, the demand is increasing. A large insurer spoke in detail about the new product and the conditions for its registration.


The topic of issuing travel insurance for already traveling Russians has become relevant in times of covid. Many tourists then had to stay abroad.

The travel insurance issued before the trip, of course, expired, and it was impossible to renew the insurance or get a new one, because insurance companies at that time did not offer such services. According to the insurance rules in force at that time, it was possible to take out travel insurance only before the start of the trip.

“Of course, we went to meet tourists and extended insurance. But all such issues were resolved on an individual basis,” says Yulia Alcheeva, Deputy Director of the branch of EUROINS Travel Insurance (formerly ERV).

Further on, covid became irrelevant, but the demand for such insurance continued to increase, says Yulia Alcheeva. The reason is the change in the consumer behavior of Russian tourists.

Many Russians, going abroad, say, for a few weeks and having insurance for this number of days, decided to stay. And they needed a new policy.

“And here we again resolved issues on an individual basis,” recalls the deputy director of the EUROINS Travel Insurance branch.

This service convinced EUROINS Travel Insurance to add the corresponding option to the range of the company's insurance offers.

Now it is easy to get insurance while abroad. No custom requests needed. Everything is available online on the site, says Yulia Alcheeva.

Taking into account the demand for this service among Russians, ATOR Vestnik asked the director of the EUROINS Travel Insurance branch to tell in detail about the insurance and the conditions for issuing it.


It is very easy to buy insurance while abroad – you need the Internet, a passport and 5 minutes of free time.

Starting to issue a policy for website, be sure to enable the option“Already on a trip” (you need to check the box in the left corner of the questionnaire), otherwise the policy will be invalid. Next, you specify the dates and get a calculation of the cost.

Important: the policy will not be valid immediately on the day of purchase. The temporary deductible (postponement of the start of the policy) is 3 days. This was done so that tourists could not take out insurance while sitting in the doctor's office, thus violating the terms of the insurance contract.

We tried to calculate insurance with the following conditions: I am already in Thailand. I want to buy an insurance policy for a month – from December 13 (we order on December 13. The validity period starts on December 17) until January 13. The total cost is 8.4 thousand rubles. The minimum insurance coverage valid for Thailand is 100 thousand euros (this applies to both insurance issued before the trip and during the trip, there is no difference).

For Turkey, for example, a program with a minimum insurance coverage of 50,000 euros is available. A policy for a month (from December 13 to January 13) can be issued by Russians currently in Turkey for 7.4 thousand rubles.

Important: while traveling abroad, you can issue a policy for any number of days. But there is a nuance with annual programs. Those wishing to issue an annual policy can only choose a full annual program. This means that all 365 days of the year are insured. While taking out an annual policy before the trip, it is possible to choose a multiple annual policy. It insures 90 days in each new trip made in a year.


So, what you need to know when buying a policy while on a trip:

  • Who can use a travel policy? Tourists who want to extend their vacation, tourists who for some reason did not take out a policy before the trip
  • To apply for a policy, you need to go to the insurer's website and fill out a form. Everything is exactly the same as when applying for a policy before the trip. Except that required to select the “Already on a trip” option. Otherwise, the policy will be invalid.
  • A policy with the “Already on a trip” option will begin three days after purchase.
  • The policy can be issued for any number of days. However, a multiple annual policy is not available. Tourists who take out travel insurance can take out an annual policy with payment for the whole year.

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