Suitcase wardrobe, belt and neck fan, luggage tag with built-in transmitter, kayak and bike that fits in a suitcase – all these things make travel easier and more comfortable. We share a selection of novelties among “smart” gadgets that will help you maintain a pleasant balance of home comfort and tourist atmosphere on a trip.


Let's start with the most important element, without which no decent trip is possible – with a suitcase. Manufacturers of “smart” travel devices from year to year try to take into account the needs of the most demanding and capricious customers.

Thus, the wishes of those travelers who are tired of rolling their luggage behind them were taken into account. The suitcase has become an elegant vehicle.

Airwheel Travel Devicenot only relieves its owner of the need to carry it with him, but is also able to deliver a tourist to the aircraft terminal. It is equipped with a powerful battery, 10 cm wheels, steering and can withstand a rider weighing up to 130 kilograms. The suitcase-vehicle accelerates to 10 km/h and can maintain autonomy at full load for at least 1 hour.

Airwheel suitcase. Photo: Video file

The advantages of this miracle device do not end there. On its case, made of aluminum, there are two USB ports – for charging mobile electronics. As for the parameters, they practically do not exceed the norms of an average suitcase: the novelty has a volume of 28 liters and a weight of 7.5 kilograms and, if necessary, easily fits into the upper luggage rack.

"Smart" gadgets for thoughtful travelers for 2023

The Airwheel suitcase is lightweight and easy to carry. Photo:

Smart Gadgets for Smart Travelers for 2023

You can charge your phone using the suitcase. Photo:

To configure the parameters of this travel device, its owner needs to download a special mobile application, in which, by the way, you can also launch the luggage search mode

Another novelty from the world of modern suitcases, which will not leave indifferent those who anxiously care about the environment. LITO – travel box, made from 50 recycled bottles. It has other advantages that travelers will appreciate. The suitcase saves 2.5 times more storage space thanks to the unique patented folding mechanism. There are other advantages – this box combines soft and hard shell material, which allows you to withstand high pressure during check-in at the airport. The manufacturer claims that you can sit, stand and even jump on the suitcase – the travel item will remain safe and sound. There are two versions of this line of suitcases – for hand luggage – up to 40 liters and for luggage – up to 70 liters.

"Smart" gadgets for thoughtful travelers for 2023

LITO is a travel box made from 50 recycled bottles. Photo: manufacturer's website

High-quality waterproof zippers are sewn into each model, and the wheels can turn 360 degrees, which makes it especially easy to move around. And the icing on the cake is the small weight of the suitcase, which allows you to take with you more things that are necessary and important for traveling. It is 3.5 kg in the carry-on model and 4 kg for luggage.

If you want to have one suitcase for all occasions and take it with you on both short and longer trips, this is where Rollux comes in handy. In this versatile suitcase, the volume is adjusted as needed. Another advantage is the presence of a USB port with two charging cables and a built-in GPS module.

A Rollux suitcase that adjusts volume as needed. Photo: manufacturer's website

At once several modern functions are combined by E-CASE. The suitcase has GPS tracking, it opens with fingerprints. There is also a built-in scale that allows you to track the load on the traveler's luggage.

E-CASE suitcase. Photo: manufacturer's website

Let's talk about another “smart” device that also combines several useful functions at once. Pull Up Convertible Suitcasethat easily folds into a closet. When unfolded, it provides a modular organization system for clothing and toiletries.

Pull Up transforming suitcase. Photo: manufacturer's website

At the same time, when folded, this suitcase looks quite familiar and has standard dimensions – 57x76x36 cm. Transformation into a closet occurs with the help of telescopic handles that form its frame. Six storage shelves are built into the handles, so on short trips, the traveler does not have to waste his time and transfer things to the hotel closet.

There are two ways to get things out of the suitcase: either through the top plastic cover or through the front outer pocket. Another convenience is that the upper part of this device has a wide and flat surface, which can turn into a mobile table for working with a laptop on the road.


Manufacturers of modern devices for cooling, they try to make them as functional and convenient as possible, in particular, for travel. Let's talk about several similar novelties that may be useful for tourists.

"Smart" gadgets for thoughtful travelers for 2023

Sparkle Tornado air conditioning. Photo: manufacturer website Video file

The World's First Wearable Sparkle Tornado Belt Air Conditionerlovers of holidays in hot countries will appreciate it. The device has 5 built-in fans at once, which are driven by powerful wind turbine technology. They are able to evenly blow out up to 585 liters of air in all directions per minute.

A belt-type air conditioner is different from conventional fans: it runs on a 48-tooth gear, which blows out soft, but felt cold air – this allows you to cool down without getting sick. The conditioner is made of skin-friendly, heat-resistant, UV- and radiation-resistant highly flexible silicone for maximum comfort. This device can work without recharging up to 3.5 hours.

Another air conditioner that you can wear on yourself is QOOLA. It weighs 185 grams and is worn around the neck. The flexible neckband here can be adjusted to any angle suitable for use with different clothes and neck sizes. The portable air conditioner has four cooling modes: 25, 21, 18, 15 degrees Celsius and the same number of heating modes up to 38, 40, 42, 45 degrees Celsius, which provide coolness in summer and warmth in winter. Among other things, the device is equipped with an ion cleaner. The manufacturer notes that the whole combination of heating, cooling and air purification can work for about 5-6 hours without recharging. The air conditioner supports 30W fast charging and can be charged via USB-C.

Video file

QOOLA Air Conditioner. Photo: manufacturer's website


"Smart" gadgets for thoughtful travelers for 2023

Lupo pillow. Photo: manufacturer's website

An accessory that is difficult to do without during a long flight is a traveler's pillow. There are a huge number of options for such products, but let's focus on one of the most interesting.

Loop spiral pillowcan be transformed and changed in accordance with the position of the human body. Thanks to the ergonomic spiral shape of the pillow, it provides ideal neck support at any angle and allows you to relax and unwind while using it.

The spiral design of this cushion provides flexibility and comfort and keeps the chin elevated when the traveler is seated upright. This accessory is made of heat-sensitive memory foam that conforms to the contours of the neck. A special metal spring made of durable material is sewn into the pillow, thanks to which it bends and takes any shape.


Gadget manufacturers have also taken care of passengers who are annoyed by loud sounds. If you want to sleep on board, and there is a crying child or a noisy company next door, “smart” earplugs will be able to suppress unpleasant sounds.

"Smart" gadgets for thoughtful travelers for 2023

“Smart” earplugs. Photo: manufacturer's website.

In addition, the device also provides a function that helps to calm down and tune in to rest – using a mobile application, you can turn on the sound of the surf or, for example, birdsong.


Headphone translators. Photo: manufacturer's website.

WT2 Edge is positioned by the manufacturer as the world's first headphones with real-time bi-directional simultaneous translation. Their owner can not only understand the interlocutor, but also maintain a dialogue. To translate your own voice, you can share a second earbud with the other person, or use your smartphone's speaker to play the translated speech.

The device recognizes speech in 40 languages, as well as 93 accents, which is especially important when traveling. The product is equipped with a noise reduction system that separates the voice from background noise and thus enhances the sound fidelity. In a special application, you can activate the function of translating speech into text in any of the available languages.


There are dozens of know-how among such things, but let's focus on a couple of them that deserve attention.

"Smart" gadgets for thoughtful travelers for 2023

A folding bike. Photo: manufacturer website

Folding bike TuckBikecompact in everything – it even folds the wheels. At the same time, the bike has a full frame and wheel diameter, like a racing bike. The spoked wheels with airless tires are made from carbon fiber. The whole process of compact bike assembly takes no more than two minutes. This unique bike weighs 14 kg, when folded it has dimensions of only 61x83x37 cm – for long-distance transportation it can be packed into a suitcase.

Smart Gadgets for Smart Travelers in 2023

Compact kayak. Photo: manufacturer's website

Another vehicle – Oru Kayak Inlet – a durable kayak, folding to the size of a large suitcase. It is convenient to carry and transport. The weight of the kayak is 9 kg, it can be decomposed in 5 minutes: unpack, tighten the fasteners and install the seat. The back of the boat is reinforced for greater rigidity, the kayak already has a built-in floor, adjustable backrest and footrest. The boat is made of extruded, ultraviolet-treated plastic, which is quite durable in use.


Among the novelties for travelers, we can highlight a few more.

"Smart" gadgets for thoughtful travelers for 2023

“Smart tag”. Photo: manufacturer's website.

Smart tag with built-in Bluetooth transmitterto search for luggage. The tag will notify that the suitcase has arrived at the baggage belt.

Inflatable hanger. Photo: manufacturer's website

Inflatable hanger is useful for a traveler in a hotel where there are only 1-2 ordinary hangers in a room. This item does not take up much space when transporting and is easy to transport.

For travelers who are worried about being disturbed at the hotel, there is a Belle Hop door alarm that can be installed on the door handle. In case of unauthorized entry of uninvited guests, a corresponding signal will be heard. The design of the door alarm also includes a small LED flashlight – perhaps, if necessary, to see the face of an intruder who disturbed the peace.

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