Turkey — much more than fabulous beaches on the Mediterranean coast. Holidays in Turkey in winter will open up an amazing world for you, full of snow-covered valleys and cozy cafes with hot tea and coffee. Hammam after visiting the most interesting sights and doing active sports will be the perfect end to a winter day!

What to expect from the weather?

All four western and central regions of Turkey have different climates. The climate inland is continental, with cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers. The average January temperature in Istanbul — + 7 °C.

Those who are thinking about where to relax in Turkey in winter traditionally look towards the western and southern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. A warm Mediterranean climate reigns here. In Antalya, winter is quite mild, with an average daily air temperature of about +15 °C. 

What to do in winter Turkey?

1. Explore the wonders of Istanbul

Istanbul – Turkey's largest and most famous city. It is so popular that people sometimes mistake it for the capital of Turkey (by the way, this is Ankara). It once served as the capital of both the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. Istanbul has the honor of being the only city in the world located on two continents – Asia and Europe. 

Winter holidays in Turkey: 5 good reasons to go

Choosing Istanbul for your holiday, you don't have to worry about what to see in Turkey in winter. The luxurious Topkapi Palace, the colorful Grand Bazaar, the Basilica Cistern, the legendary Bosphorus are beautiful at any time of the year. 

2. Go to ski resorts

A trip to Turkey in winter will appeal to lovers of skiing and snowboarding. At local resorts, 356 kilometers of trails of varying difficulty await them. The ski season lasts from November to the end of March. Most of the trails are accessible for beginners.

Winter holidays in Turkey: 5 good reasons to go

The major ski resorts in Turkey are Erciyes and Uludag. Pleased with low prices and good snow. The thickness of the snow cover can reach 3 meters! They offer a wide range of affordable hotels, including those operating on an all-inclusive basis.

3. Take off above the ground in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia

Winter holidays in Turkey: 5 good reasons to go

Cappadocia in winter is simply incredible. The area is located in the Taurus Mountains region of Anatolia and is a desert landscape punctuated by cave houses. It is best known for the hot air balloons that take to the skies at dawn every day, even in winter. A hot air balloon ride over snow-covered valleys with surreal landscapes will enrich your memory box with precious memories.

4. Look at the winter sea

Leave the wind and slush at home and be transported to the land where even in winter the clear sun shines — what could be more tempting? Of course, the winter Mediterranean Sea is cold for swimming. But for pleasant walks and interesting excursions, it fits perfectly! Sunny Alanya in winter will delight you with the opportunity to explore the Old Fortress. In Kemer, inquisitive travelers can go hiking along the beautiful Lycian trail to the ancient ruins of Fethiye.

Winter holidays in Turkey: 5 good reasons to go

The price of winter tours to Turkey in resorts on the seashore is low, but the pleasures — a bunch of! Walks along the sea, generous all inclusive, fresh pomegranate juice and delicious Turkish coffee, visits to the bazaar and shopping, pleasant evenings in the lobby with a glass of wine or in a local restaurant, swimming pool, spa treatments and hammam will give positive impressions and the opportunity to improve your health.

5. Bathe in thermal springs

Few people know that in Turkey there are more than 1300 hot springs that have healing properties and are rich in antioxidants and minerals. For centuries, they have been used as a healing tool to improve health and restore strength. 

Going to Pammukale in winter, you can not only admire the snow-white calcium travertines, but also bathe in thermal springs. 

< p>Winter holidays in Turkey : 5 good reasons to go

The hot springs in the resorts of Yalova and Cesme are also popular. Waters containing bicarbonate, calcium and sodium are useful in the treatment of dermatological, rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases. Beautiful nature, healthy food and rejuvenation — here you will find all the ingredients for a perfect vacation.

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