Rosaviatsia did not give iFly permission to fly to Egypt over Syria. What next?

According to the message of the Federal Air Transport Agency, received on the evening of December 16, “the procedures for interdepartmental coordination of the issue of the safe use of Syrian airspace by Russian civil aircraft have not yet been completed” .

Therefore, iFly airlines are recommended to “apply to Russian airlines with a proposal to organize the transportation of passengers, transferring passengers to them under commercial agreements.”

It is also recommended to start work on organizing the return of passengers who are currently in Egypt, attracting carrying capacity of Russian and foreign airlines – that is, somehow transfer them to other flights. “Rosaviatsia is ready to assist the airline in organizing the return of Russian tourists from Egypt,” the ministry said in a statement.

Now in Egypt, more than 2,000 thousand tourists, waiting for return flights to Russia, are temporarily accommodated in hotels with meals. This service was paid for by the main customer of the iFly flight, the tour operator TEZ TOUR.

As for passengers with purchased tours and tickets to Egypt, the Federal Air Transport Agency also recommended that iFly “consider the issue of returning tickets for flights that cannot be performed in the near future by their own by the airline.

At the moment (December 20), iFly flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are listed as delayed and until 21:00 on the scoreboard of Vnukovo airport. The reason is “the decision of the airline”.

Let us remind you that iFly flights from Vnukovo to Egypt cannot fly due to the ban on overflight over Jordan and the lack of permission from the Russian aviation authorities to use an alternative route over Syria.

The editors are currently awaiting comments from the carrier and tour operators. As soon as they appear, we will inform about it.

Anna Biryukova

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