How not to spoil a short trip and relax at 100?

To avoid excruciating pain from the thought of where to go – plan!

It seems trite, but in fact, planning is often limited to adding to bookmarks a selection of the most spectacular places in the city, restaurants and museums. In fact, it turns out that most of the recommended places are either closed for repairs, or do not work today, close early, or a visit costs like a ticket to a ballet at the Bolshoi Theater.

After that, as a rule, you have to frantically look for a replacement interesting locations, and you get tired and nervous: time is running out, but you need to get somewhere.

So, advice: start planning at home, in advance. Make lists of places of interest (Telegram channels are now a treasure trove of such data), visit sites of places or groups on social networks, estimate the cost of admission tickets and reserve them online.

Assess the location of attractions and always leave enough time, to get to the place without haste, and also, if necessary, have time to eat. And in general, on vacation it is important not to forget to rest, so keep a calm pace and realistically assess your capabilities.

Practice shows that an unprepared tourist spends an average of about an hour searching for places and planning excursions. It's a shame to spend this hour in a hotel, it's much better to find time in advance.

How not to spoil a short trip and have a 100% rest?

Keep logistics in mind

Even if you are well oriented in space and plan to travel around Russia, where you will definitely be understood in Russian, this does not mean at all that there will be no difficulties. Install a taxi ordering app in advance that works where you are going, or search the Internet for the number of a local dispatcher. It's also a good idea to download 2gis or another service to your phone that can tell you the way without an Internet connection.

In large cities, there are convenient applications for traveling by public transport. In them you can find not only the desired number and route map, but also track in real time how long your bus will arrive. If you have long since moved to your own car, and use buses only on business trips, this app will make life much easier.

How not to spoil a short trip and have a 100% rest?

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Most often, tourists are not particularly interested in the area around the temporary shelter, whether it be a hotel or apartments from the “booking”, and very much in vain. Maybe a few steps away from you is an authentic restaurant, a small but beautiful square or a private gallery. Perhaps, for the sake of them, you would not go specially from the other end of the city, but since you were close by, why not take advantage of the opportunity? In addition, careful attention to the location of the hotel will help you not get lost and find it faster on the day of arrival.

Be in the center of events!

On vacation, even short distances of 2-3 stops can be annoying, especially in winter: you won’t want to walk them, and calling a taxi is expensive and takes time . Think before you save on the location of the hotel: perhaps paying just a little extra, you will get much more pleasure.

How not to spoil a short trip and relax at 100?

Hotel tours are not the best option

Of course, it is easiest to book an excursion directly at the hotel, but most often it will be more expensive, and you can’t check the quality. Focus on reviews and reviews of travel companies. Most often, on their websites, you can not only see the contents of a future excursion in advance and compare prices from different companies in a relaxed atmosphere, but also order a personalized service or something unusual: an excursion to the greenhouse during the cherry blossom season, observing the starry sky through a telescope or night trip to the museum, closed from visitors. Many events are timed to coincide with specific dates, holiday events, or are organized when a group is recruited, and in order not to miss the most interesting, choose excursions from specialized companies and guides.

Discard stereotypes

Diversify your choice of entertainment to remember the trip for a long time! Take a look at the theater of pantomime, have fun at an amateur hockey game, learn new things and be inspired by a creative master class in modeling, carpentry or stone mosaics, be a spectator at a startup pitch in a co-working space … – there are a lot of non-trivial types of leisure activities wherever you go, and there are also regional crafts and traditions that are easy and useful to touch to broaden one's horizons.

How not spoil a short trip and relax at 100?

Be careful, as they say…

Protect yourself throughout the journey. Let your loved ones know where you are going, the approximate route and dates of the trip.

If you decide to go in for sports tourism, make sure that your guide has a rescue kit, and you yourself will gain knowledge that you may need in case of emergency.

When choosing travel insurance, check the availability of a clause on coverage of health damage during active sports sports. These include quad biking, mountain hiking, water sports, moped riding, and even skiing and cheesecakes on the most common “children's” slope.

Some companies pay compensation immediately when you apply for help, others only after some time. The first is preferable. If something happens, you will be sure that you will be provided with qualified assistance in any hospital without the requirement to immediately pay bills from your own pocket. And yes, insurance taking into account active sports is a little more expensive, but it's justified. Just treat the cost of good insurance as a must when planning your trip.

How not to spoil a short trip and relax at 100?

Time is money

This paragraph will discuss both about other. Check how much time “lags” at home from the time at the end point of the trip.

Keep some cash with you so you can easily buy water, snacks and pay for necessary services, such as calling a taxi. Do not rely only on a bank card, because, believe me, there are still places where it is impossible to pay with it.

As you can see, even when planning a very short trip, you should keep in mind a lot of nuances. But no matter how you prepare, it is better to tune in to rest and enjoy the trip, and not strive to get around as many sights as possible in a unit of time. Travel with pleasure, and what it means – everyone decides for himself!

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