Miniature hotels will disappear from European hotels toiletries

The days of European hotels supplying their guests with miniature shampoo bottles, body lotions and shower gels will soon come to an end. We tell you about the reasons.


The European Commission (EC) intends to introduce a ban on the use of toiletries in mini-packs within the framework of the new pan-European packaging and waste regulations.

As stated in the materials of the EC, on average, each European produces almost 180 kg of packaging waste per year. By 2030, the amount of packaging waste in the EU is projected to increase by another 19% if no changes are made, and, in particular, there will be 46% more plastic packaging. For this reason, the EU has set a goal of making all packaging recyclable by 2030.

The EU decided to act through bans: for example, certain forms of packaging will be outlawed, for example, disposable packaging for food and drinks when consumed in restaurants and cafes, disposable packaging for fruits and vegetables, and miniature bottles for shampoo, gels, toothpaste and other mini-bottles and tubes in hotels.

When the ban will come into force, the European Commission has not said, as the proposal has yet to be ratified by the European Parliament. Consideration of this bill is scheduled for 2023.

Note that some global hotel chains have introduced such measures themselves before on their own initiative – in fact, this is how they reduce their operating costs, but at the same time they look “green” and “responsible”.

For example, in 2020 10 Marriott-owned hotels have already eliminated all small bottles of shampoos, gels, and conditioners in 2018: these hygiene products are now bottled in large, reusable, recyclable plastic bottles with a dispenser.


The announced measure to eradicate miniature hotel miniatures throughout the EU has drawn mixed reviews – positive from “eco-activists”, and sharply negative – from ordinary tourists who are used to using such accessories in hotels.

For many tourists, the provision Complimentary toiletries such as shampoo, soap and shower gel in tiny bottles is one of the small but important joys of staying at a hotel.

At a minimum, this is convenient: it means that the traveler does not need to take all these things with him and take into account their weight when checking in luggage. In addition, since tourists were banned from carrying liquids of more than 100 ml in hand luggage, mini toiletries have become more in demand.

In addition, this is a chance for the forgetful and absent-minded: toothpaste or shampoo available in a mini package at the hotel.

Fans of hotel miniatures make another argument: in some hotels, they can try toiletries that are more luxurious than those they use at home. For example, such a service with the provision of branded cosmetics in personalized packaging is common in classic 5* hotels and premium facilities.

And finally, the main argument: all these bottles can be taken home. For Russians, this is important – according to an ATOR survey, two-thirds of Russian travelers do just that.


Of course, hotel guests will not be left without toiletries at all: they will be provided in large reusable bottles. Many hotels already do this, including in Russia. Or some tourists, as now, will come to the hotel with their own cosmetics.

But here's what's interesting. With a ban on the use of mini cosmetics in hotels, there will be no global ban on their production and sale in the EU. They will continue to be available at duty-free shops and other stores. Only their free provision in hotels will be banned.

Elena Myagkova

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