Are you going to spend a long-awaited vacation on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt? So that the trip is not overshadowed by annoying misunderstandings, check out what you can bring to Egypt from Kazakhstan and take out on the way back.

To Egypt: we collect luggage correctly

Customs regulations of the Arab Republic Egypt operates throughout the state, including the Sinai Peninsula, where the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh is located. The list of what can be imported to Egypt with certain restrictions and what cannot be categorically contains a number of items. 


A categorical ban on import applies to weapons, drugs explosive and poisonous substances, flammable liquids. Also, you can not transport ivory products, literature of erotic content, antiques. 

It is strictly forbidden to bring into the country unmanned aerial vehicles — quadrocopters, drones, etc. Therefore, shooting the Red Sea, the territory of a hotel or a pyramid from a bird's eye view will not work. Unauthorized use of a drone in Egypt is punishable by imprisonment.


  • Alcohol

Basic Egyptian customs regulations. What you need to know

Despite the widespread all inclusive in Egyptian hotels, some tourists are concerned about the question of how much alcohol can be imported into Egypt. Duty-free you can take 1 liter of spirits and 2 liters of beer with you. The excess will have to be paid in the amount of 100% tax and 3% excise.

  • Money

There are no official restrictions on the import of foreign currency into Egypt. But behind the scenes, the owners of funds adhere to the rule: do not import more than 10 thousand USD without filling out a declaration.

  • Cigarettes

The concept of “all inclusive” does not apply to tobacco products. Therefore, many vacationers are interested in how many cigarettes can be imported into Egypt. 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars per person are allowed. But before you start packing a block of cigarettes in your luggage, consider whether it is worth taking it from afar. The average cost of a pack of local cigarettes is 1.45 USD. Products of well-known brands are slightly more expensive – 1.85 USD per pack.

  • Gold

Jewelery must be declared only if it is checked in or in hand luggage. Earrings, rings, chains and pendants worn by a person do not raise questions.

  • Plants and animals

Planning to take a pet on a trip? Check for an international veterinary certificate issued no earlier than 14 days before the date of departure.

From Egypt: focus on souvenirs

Violators of customs rules in Egypt can be fined 1000 USD. Therefore, you should carefully study what can and cannot be exported from Egypt. 

  • Products made from coral, shells, corals. The riches of the Red Sea are under the protection of the state. If you bought coral souvenirs legally, the inspectors will definitely ask if you have a receipt. Therefore, if you decide to buy a shell or coral as a souvenir, refrain from buying at the bazaar. Contact a store with a cash register. 
  • Alcohol, gold, cigarettes can be exported. But on the way back, now you should remember about the customs rules of Kazakhstan. From October 1, 2022, the duty-free import rate for goods purchased for personal use is 200 €.

Egypt's basic customs regulations. What you need to know

Customs no problem: tips for tourists arriving in Egypt font-weight:400″>Take a pen with you to fill out the migration card yourself.

  • Before checking, check the validity of your passport — at least 6 months after the end date of the trip.

    You can always check the customs rules of Egypt with the travel managers of the travel company  “Come with us.”

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