How New is greeted year in different countries of the world

We invite you to open the door and see how the New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world.

  1. New Year in Italy

How the New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world

Everyone knows that on New Year's Eve in Italy it is customary to throw out everything unnecessary from the house: clothes, furniture and even plumbing. In fact, no one throws anything away. This beautiful legend was invented to attract tourists.

But the real New Year traditions in the country are completely different. The inhabitants of Italy adore their Santa – Bobbo Natale and his clothes so much that on New Year's Eve literally: women, men, and children must put on something red– most often red underwear. If on New Year's Eve somewhere on the streets of Rome, Milan or Florence you meet a policeman in red socks, know that this meeting will bring you good luck. Another truly Italian tradition is eating raisins that have withered right in clusters on a branch. Whoever eats more will earn more money next year, because grapes are so similar to coins!

  1. New Year in Argentina


How New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world

By the middle of the day on December 31, the centers of Argentine cities are covered with layers of unnecessary paper of different colors and formats. According to tradition, on New Year's Eve it is customary to throw unnecessary magazines, newspapers and other papers out of windows. Agree, an original way to relieve stress.

The people of Argentina celebrate the New Year with their families. Close friends are often invited to the festive table. And like us, they open champagne at midnight. Young people usually continue to have fun in trendy clubs. But with New Year's gifts, the Argentines are tight, they are given, that is, they have already been presented for Christmas.

  1. New Year in Estonia< /h3>

How the New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world

One of the most unusual and “hot” traditions is the New Year celebration in Estonia, because it takes place in… a sauna. To enter next year clean and healthy, it is recommended even to listen to the chimes in this institution. However, not everyone adheres to this tradition today. Crowds of people of different ages are having fun on the streets on New Year's Eve, and Estonians also visit each other. According to legend, a chimney sweep in a high top hat brings happiness to Estonians, so children are often presented with toy chimney sweeps smeared with soot on New Year's Eve.

  1. New Year in Scotland

How the New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world

In Scotland, on New Year's Eve, it is customary to roll along the decorated city streets tar barrels set on firesymbolizing the outgoing year. And in the village of Stonehaven, residents walk the streets waving huge fireballs over their heads that look like the sun. So the Scots illuminate and “purify” the coming year. There is another unusual New Year's tradition in Scotland. On the evening of December 31, all family members sit by a lit fireplace, and with the first strike of the clock, the head of the family silently rises from his seat and opens the front door. This ritual is designed to spend the Old Year and let the New Year into your home. The Scots believe that depending on who is the first to cross the threshold of their house on New Year's Eve, next year they will have good luck or bad luck.

  1. New Year in Spain

How the New Year is celebrated around the world

In Spain, at midnight, you need to quickly eat 12 grapes. Each – under the next stroke of the clock. The number of grapes is not accidental – there are exactly as many as there are months in a year. And 12 berries should bring good luck in each of the 12 months of the coming year. Residents of Barcelona and Madrid gather in the squares to eat grapes and drink cava. The grape tradition is more than a hundred years old, and it all started once with a “super harvest” of grapes.

  1. New Year in Panama

How the New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world

A very unusual tradition exists in Panama. Here, on New Year's Eve, it is customary to burn effigies of politicians, athletes and other famous people. For example, they can burn the effigy of the country's Olympic champion in running or Fidel Castro himself. However, no one wishes harm to anyone. All these stuffed animals are called by one word – muñeco and symbolize all the troubles of the outgoing year. And no muñeco, there will be no problems in the coming year. At the same time, each family must burn their effigy.

Well, another purely Panamanian tradition. At midnight, all the fire bells begin to ring in the streets, cars honk, people scream. Panamanians use noise to drive away troubles from the coming year.

  1. New Year in Denmark

< p>How to celebrate the New Year in different countries of the world

In Denmark, when celebrating the New Year, it is customary to stand on a chair and jump from it. It is believed that this is how the Danes jump into January of the coming year, driving away evil spirits. And it will certainly bring good luck. Another northern New Year's tradition is throwing dishes at the doors of houses of friends and neighbors. Oddly enough, this does not annoy anyone, but on the contrary, it is very pleasing. After all, that family, on the threshold of which there will be the most broken plates, cups and glasses, has the most friends and will be the luckiest in the coming year.

  1. New Year in Peru

How the New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world

For Peruvian youth, New Year's Eve can be a life-changing experience. It's all about the unusual New Year's tradition. At night, girls with willow twigs in their hands go for a walk around the quarters of their city. And her fiancé will be a young man who will be asked to take up the twig. Sometimes on the street you can meet strange couples – a girl with a twig and a guy with a suitcase. After all, those who go around their entire quarter with a suitcase on New Year's Eve will go on a trip in the coming year.

  1. New Year in Greece

How the New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world

On New Year's Eve, the inhabitants of Greece visit each other and give gifts. Pavda, there is one feature: in addition to a gift, it is customary to bring a stone to the master's house, and the more the better. The Greeks believe that the heavier the stone, the fuller the wallet will be in the coming year. According to another Greek tradition, the eldest member of the family should break in the courtyard of his house pomegranate fruit. If pomegranate seeds are scattered around the yard, then the whole family will have a happy life in the new year.

  1. New Year in Japan

How the New Year is celebrated in different countries of the world

On New Year's Eve in Japan, it is customary to strong>strong the bells, and ring they are exactly 108 times. The tolling of the bell denotes one of the six human vices: frivolity, stupidity, greed, anger, envy, and indecision. And since the Japanese believe that each vice has 18 shades, it turns out 108 strokes. According to another Japanese New Year tradition, it is customary to give cards to relatives and friends with images of the animal symbol of the coming year. The inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun also have an original attitude to the decorations of their homes – for this they use kadomatsu, which means “pine tree at the entrance.” This product is made from bamboo, pine, rice straws are woven into it. Decorate kadomatsu with ferns and mandarin branches. Well, children traditionally receive New Year's gifts.

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