В Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

The Maldives is a tropical fairy tale that attracts many tourists. But white sandy beaches and turquoise seas are not all. An important part of the rest is the hotel itself, where tourists stay. More and more hotels are ready to take into account the interests of Russian guests, for example, in cooking.


Territorially, the Republic of Maldives includes 1,190 tiny islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. Many of them are uninhabited, but others have become a place for fashionable resorts.

As a rule, there is only one hotel on one island. Since the islands are very small (and very expensive), and there is little land suitable for use, the Maldivian resorts traditionally build many water villas standing on high stilts.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make olivier for Russian guests

Water villas in the Maldives are a “feature” of an island holiday. Photo: ATOR

These postcard views of the Maldives are familiar to many: the villas line up in a kind of “snake” that goes into the sea. As a rule, some villas are located at sunset, others at sunrise.

The Maldivian hotels are ready make Olivier for Russian guests

A resort in the Maldives. On one side of the path – Sunrise Villas, on the other – Sunset Villas. Photo: ATOR

Instead of a sandy beach, the water villa has a wooden deck and a staircase that leads down to the sea. For example, at the Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa 5 * there are water villas with pools, there are – without pools.

In any case, all the terraces of the water villas have everything you need for relaxation and sunbathing: a wide canopy, sun loungers with soft mattresses, beach towels.

Maldive hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

Water villa with pool at Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa 5*, Maldives. Photo: ATOR

Coral reefs are located at a distance from the entrance to the water, so you can swim without fear of colliding with them. Well, from the terrace you can watch the endless expanse of the ocean and bright fish for hours, and at night you can look at the stars.

For romantics, separate resorts also offer villas with retractable roofs: you can watch the shining stars right from your room, lying in bed.


One one of the “chips” of expensive Maldivian resorts is large bathrooms overlooking the sea.

For example, there is such luxury in the villas at the Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa 5*. The bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows looks like it was made for filming: the temptation to take a bubble bath and a glass of champagne and capture it for a personal collection of impressions or social networks is great.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

Ocean view bathroom at Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa 5*, Maldives. Photo: ATOR

Beach bungalows and beachfront villas are cozy in their own way: these categories of rooms also come with or without pools.

Most often, rooms on the coast have direct access to the beach, for example, as in the Heritance Aarah 5 * hotel. You can choose between one or two bedrooms depending on whether you are traveling as a family or a young couple.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

Room at the Heritance Aarah 5* hotel, Maldives. Photo: ATOR

Everything is provided in the rooms, even a coffee maker. Often, Maldivian hotels offer their guests beach shoes or bags for free, which can be taken home after use.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

Beach chairs on the beach, Maldives. Photo: ATOR

The advantage of accommodation on the shore is at the entrance to the sea: most often it is smooth, which is convenient for families with children. In addition, beach villas are always surrounded by trees and greenery that provide natural shade.


Maldivian hotels are increasingly following the trend towards sustainability, which is why many of the toiletries in the rooms or their packaging are made from natural or recycled materials. You can find wooden toothbrushes, combs and even razors.

The design of the rooms is made of safe, environmentally friendly materials that do not cause allergies, and you can take a bicycle to explore the island.

Maldive hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

You can take a bicycle to walk around the coral island in the Maldives. Photo: ATOR

Fans of outdoor recreation will appreciate the design of bathrooms in beach villas: they are increasingly being built so that part of the room is outdoors. So, in the bathroom at the Alila Kothaifaru Maldives 5 * hotel, thanks to this design solution, there is more natural light and greenery, and it seems that you are taking a shower in a tropical forest.

The Maldivian hotels are ready do Olivier for Russian guests

Bathroom design in Alila Kothaifaru Maldives 5* hotel, Maldives. Photo: ATOR

A new trend in traveling to the Maldives is retreats, fitness and finding harmony. This concept is followed by one of the most fashionable hotels in the Maldives – Joali Being, created, by the way, by Turkish hoteliers.

The premium resort impresses with the design of villas and residences, each of which was created individually, and art objects made from recycled materials are scattered throughout the resort.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

Futuristic design is a feature of the Joali Being resort, Maldives. Photo: ATOR

The peculiarity of relaxation in Joali Being is in restorative procedures aimed at overall harmony and healing. You can do yoga and spiritual practices, go for acupressure or a cryochamber.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

The interior of the Joali Being resort in the Maldives. Photo: ATOR

It is noteworthy that beachwear is not required for a holiday at this hotel: if desired, guests can wear something like a silk suit provided by the property.


The Maldives is comfortable not only for a beach or romantic getaway, but also for work.

Many hotels have excellent high-speed Wi-Fi, which will allow you to go out without interference in the working zoom or turn on the child at this time on the tablet cartoons. Russian TV channels are broadcast in the Maldives, but they are only news, you can’t watch cartoons here.

The Maldivian hotels are ready making Olivier for Russian guests

In the Maldives, you can work with a laptop in a hammock. The internet is fast here. Photo: ATOR

Many Maldivian hotels have created conditions for families with children: for young guests – kids clubs, playgrounds, swimming pools and a babysitter on request.

Entertainment in the Maldivian resorts is varied. You can go on an evening sunset cruise or meet dolphins, book a trip to the nearest reef with a colorful underwater world, go surfing, diving and snorkeling, take a canoe or glass bottom boat ride, go to the SPA or go fishing.

В Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

Evening sunset cruises are a popular form of entertainment for Russians in the Maldives. Photo: ATOR

For romantic couples, we are always ready to organize a dinner on the beach or a wedding ceremony.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

This is how a romantic dinner on the beach in the Maldives can be decorated. Photo: ATOR


Restaurants in Maldivian hotels prepare cuisine from different countries. The menu includes dishes of national, Asian and European cuisine.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

In the Maldives, you can try almost any cuisine in the world. Photo: ATOR

You can almost always order pizza or pasta, fast food for lunch and dinner. Of course, a lot of fish and seafood.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

As for fruits, in the Maldives a tourist will find a very wide selection of exotics. Photo: ATOR

Large selection of exotic fruits and vegan dishes. But it is worth making allowances for the taste habits of local chefs: most often these are invited chefs from India and other Asian countries. Because of this, some dishes may seem too peppery or salty.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

In the Maldives, it is most convenient to relax with the all-inclusive system, especially now, when Russian cards do not work for border. Photo: ATOR

It is most convenient to relax in the Maldives on an all-inclusive basis: in this case, three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as drinks and a number of services, including some excursions and entertainment, are included in the price.


Russians lead in the number of tourist visits to the Maldives, which determines the presence of Russian-speaking staff in many 5* island hotels.

Our compatriots have problems, those who do not know foreign languages, in the island resorts, especially expensive ones, will not arise.

Often, Russian-speaking guests (and tourists from the republics of the former USSR, for example, from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Belarus) go to the Maldives, they assign knowledgeable Russian butlers or concierges who will help with organizing holidays and ordering services, including paid ones.

In Maldivian hotels ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

SPA holidays in the Maldives are very popular with Russians. Photo: ATOR

According to butlers, guests from Russia are the most generous. They stay in the most expensive room categories, spend the most on SPA services, a la carte restaurants and other entertainment.

For the sake of Russian tourists, Maldivian resorts are ready to adapt, for example, the menu in restaurants. Thus, more and more chefs from Russia appear in the kitchens of Maldivian hotels, who know how to cook cereals, soups or pancakes in accordance with the gastronomic habits of our compatriots.

“Working with Russian guests is a joy. They spend a lot, like to talk and are generous with tips. Not very capricious. The most frequent complaints are about the spiciness of the dishes, but we are working on this. We invite more chefs from Russia who teach local chefs how to cook dishes popular with Russians. For example, on New Year's Eve we will delight tourists from Russia with Olivier salad and herring under a fur coat,” our correspondent was told in one of the fashionable resorts of the Maldives.


Specialists of the tour operator LOTİ, on whose order a business jet flies from Moscow to the Maldives this winter season, shared recommendations on which hotels to choose for those who are looking for on the paradise islands privacy, or ready to go with a noisy group of friends or family.

The Maldivian hotels are ready to make Olivier for Russian guests

Both secluded relaxation and family holidays are possible in the Maldives. Photo: ATOR

So, for a serene rest and relaxation – hotels Alila Kothaifaru Maldives 5 * and Hufaven Fushi 5 *. For parties and active youth – Sun Siyam Iru Fushi 5 * and Oaga Art Resort 5 * – a new hotel with an interesting streetart design.

Fushifaru Maldives 5 *, Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa 5*, Sun Siyam Iru Veli 5* and Heritance Aarah 5*.

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