Immigrant House: it is impossible to buy Romanian citizenship, but there are working ways

Specialists of the Immigrant House migration company claim that it is legally impossible to buy a Romanian passport today. Investment and simply “gray” schemes are not available, if you are offered something like that, they are scammers.

For Russians and Ukrainians, the best way to obtain Romanian citizenship is repatriation. You can get a passport under this accelerated procedure in 1-2 years (and this is the shortest possible time if we are talking about obtaining the status of an EU citizen).

So you won't get a passport

Immigrant House: You can't buy Romanian citizenship, but there are working ways

In obtaining Romanian citizenship, their own rules apply, some are not typical for EU countries. So the scheme of investing in real estate, economy, funds is not available. That is, to buy a passport for any money will not work. This is not convenient for immigrants who have impressive free amounts of funds, but the authorities do not plan to amend the law.

Have you read anything about citizenship through investment in the economy? Indeed, you can invest in business development in Romania from 1 million euros, but at the same time you need to live in the country with a residence permit for 5 years, then make a permanent residence. Applying for citizenship is realistic after 8 years of permanent residence in Romania. There are no benefits for investors when passing exams – you need to know the laws, the language and take an oath.

You can’t get a Romanian passport either:

  • through childbirth in Romania
  • for the purchase of real estate in Romania
  • for service in the Romanian army
  • for a deposit in a Romanian bank.
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    Working methods of obtaining citizenship

    Immigrant House : you cannot buy Romanian citizenship, but there are working ways

    A foreigner can apply for a Romanian passport in one of the following ways:

    • Naturalization in Romania– involves a long stay in the country – in order to find employment, start a business, get an education, reunite with a family. First, the applicant makes a D visa, then receives a residence permit, permanent residence, and only at the end a passport. To obtain citizenship, you will need to constantly stay in the country – 182 days per year or more. Also, you cannot receive social state assistance, you need to prove normal solvency.
    • Repatriation to Romania– a simple and fast way if there are appropriate grounds. It is necessary to prove that grandparents or parents lived in the territory of the former Bukovina, Bessarabia or Moldova, then they were deported to other regions of the USSR. In conditions of forced migration, children and grandchildren were often born – it is they who can restore citizenship in a short time. Count on 1-2 years, but much will depend on the availability of documentary evidence.

    The Immigrant House says that it is possible to obtain citizenship in Romania using the first and second methods. You just need to answer a few questions for yourself:

    • How quickly do you want to get a passport? Naturalization – from 5 to 10 years, repatriation – 1-2 years.
    • Are you ready to learn Romanian? With naturalization, knowledge of the state language is mandatory, with repatriation, you only need to learn a few words for the oath.
    • Do you want to live in Romania? Naturalization obliges an immigrant to live in Romania for 5-10 years, while repatriating, you can not live in the country at all.
    • What are your grounds for obtaining citizenship? For naturalization, you need to get a job in Romania, open a business there or enter a local university, and upon repatriation, you must provide documentary evidence of the ethnic or territorial affiliation of ancestors to Romania.


    Immigrant House: You can't buy Romanian citizenship, but there are working ways

    Choosing a way to obtain Romanian citizenship is one of the most important steps on the way to your passport.It is recommended to conduct an analysis of the situation with the help of migration lawyers in order not to spend too much time and money on the procedure. For example, Immigrant House said that there were cases when immigrants chose the method of naturalization for themselves, but then turned to lawyers and it turned out that the applicants have every reason to obtain a passport for up to 10 times faster – by repatriation.

    Why can you be denied?

    You can be denied a Romanian passport if:

    • Have a criminal record
    • Credit debts at home
    • Committing crimes that are not worthy of a citizen of the country (such cases are always considered individually)
    • Violation of EU laws during previous visits.

    You should also take care of having sufficient funds for accounts, learn the language, communicate as correctly as possible with consular staff, the Ministry of Justice. If you read the oath with hesitation, your passport may be denied.

    Cases of refusal occur during self-registration of citizenship, but they are quite rare. Romania is tolerant towards applicants for citizenship status, especially repatriates.

    If we talk about obtaining Romanian citizenship with the help of migration lawyers, then there should not be any problems. Each experienced specialist knows all the requirements and procedure. If you correctly draw up a package of documents and act in accordance with the letter of the law, it is almost impossible to receive a refusal.

    Immigrant House : you can't buy Romanian citizenship, but there are working ways

    What opportunities does Romanian citizenship give

    The main advantage of a Romanian passport is confirmation of EU citizenship. The cons of a Romanian passport are in most cases far-fetched and more mythical than real. And given the possibility of obtaining citizenship in a year or two, it is not reasonable to talk about shortcomings here.

    The main advantages of a Romanian citizen's passport:

    • EU citizenship with all its possibilities. The passport of one of the countries of the European Union gives the right to live, work, do business, study, buy real estate in any EU state.
    • Freedom in choosing a place of work – throughout the EU. For example, you can choose to start a business in a country with low tax rates or go to work in Germany without opening a visa.
    • Easy entry to Canada or the United States as part of bilateral agreements between countries.
    • Payment of social assistance – after obtaining citizenship, you can receive benefits, pensions, assistance as a family with children.
    • Low loan rates — including for the purchase of a car, housing.
    • High quality education – by the way, you can study in Romania for a bachelor's or master's degree for free. If you don’t find your ideal university in the country, take a look at other European countries — for Romanian citizens, many specialties in the EU are available for free.

    It’s not easy to make a passport on your own — you will need to collect a package of documents, deal with bureaucratic nuances, spend time waiting. But in general, the registration of Romanian citizenship is carried out on more loyal terms than in many EU countries.

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    Immigrant House: you can't buy Romanian citizenship, but there are working ways

    Immigrant House migration lawyers will provide consulting and any other support in obtaining Romanian citizenship. They will prepare the documents themselves, fill out forms and other applications, and minimize the likelihood of refusal.

    The cost of support is loyal, you will find out before starting cooperation. A contract is signed with each client, it specifies all the details, guarantees, etc.

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