Poland will increase fares PKP Intercity

From January 11, the Polish state-owned railway company PKP Intercity will raise ticket prices. It is reported that travel by train will become more expensive by an average of 17.8%. January 10, 2023 0 1 min

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In more detail, tickets of the EIP (Express InterCity Premium) category will increase in price by 17.8%, tickets of the EIC (Express InterCity) category – by 17.4%, tickets for trains of the TLK/IC category – by 11.8%.

For example, now a ticket from Warsaw to Krakow will cost PLN 200, and not PLN 169, as it was before.

The company explains that this decision was made due to inflation and rising electricity prices.

According to zakordon.24tv.ua.

We also recall that in Budapest, Ukrainians will continue to use free travel – it has been extended until March 31.

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