On Airbnb you can rent a house from the famous series

Airbnb's hosting service is again offering to rent a “star” house – this time from the popular series “White Lotus”. Users can rent the same villa in Palermo that Harper and Daphne fled to in episode 3 of the series' second season. January 19, 2023 0 1 min

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The offer is available on different dates, however, such an experience will cost a considerable amount – from €5,500 per night.

Guests have access to the entire villa, as well as four bedrooms and five bathrooms, a billiard room, a bar, a music room and a dining room. Visitors will be served by staff: a manager, a butler, a cook, a bartender and a maid.

Also, for an additional fee, you can order a transfer from the airport and back, as well as excursions. The link to accommodation is here.

According to 34travel.me.

We also remind you that from February 2, some covid restrictions that were still in effect will finally be relaxed in Germany .

You can rent a house from a famous TV series on Airbnb

You can rent a house from a famous series on Airbnb

You can rent a house from a famous series on Airbnb

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