Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Interest in traveling to Uzbekistan has been actively growing lately. More and more Russians choose this country for their holidays. At the same time, many tourists, when planning a trip, do not devote much time to the main city of the country – Tashkent. Meanwhile, the Uzbek capital has something to surprise its guests with.


During the geopolitical crisis, Uzbekistan has become a real boon for Russian tourists who are accustomed to foreign holidays, but due to the high price tags and the inaccessibility of many destinations, they refuse to travel to the “far abroad”. The trend of growing popularity of Uzbekistan among Russian tourists continues to strengthen.

Following demand, more and more Russian tour operators offer tours to Uzbekistan. Vestnik ATOR, for its part, continues to acquaint tourists with the travel opportunities of different regions of this country.

Tashkent – for tourists: things to do in Central Asian metropolis

There are very kind people in Tashkent. The city is instantly accommodating. Photo: ATOR

We dedicate today's review to the colorful capital of Uzbekistan. A beautiful, atmospheric and at the same time modern city, where mass tourism has not yet had time to blur the national flavor.

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To make your vacation break out of the stereotyped borders, you just need to take a plane and, having flown 4 hours (we count from Moscow), find yourself in a noisy, colorful and delicious Tashkent.

Do not rush to leave the capital of Uzbekistan and go to other cities. Spend at least a few days here.

Walk the streets, watch how traditional culture is intertwined with modernity, see ancient mosques and clay houses, go to the bazaar of the times of the Great Silk Road, buy clothes that, like many centuries ago, are sewn by craftswomen from silk atlases, taste pilaf, go to ski resorts. In a word, listen carefully to the breath of the city, watch the course of its life and Tashkent will open its soul to you.

The capital of Uzbekistan will be comfortable for both lovers of cultural and educational recreation, and gastronomic, of course. The position of the Uzbek capital is also strong as a destination for business tourism.


The history of Tashkent, one of the largest cities in Central Asia and one of the oldest, located on the Great Silk Road, has more than 2000 years. However, not many ancient monuments have been preserved here, because the city was badly damaged by a powerful earthquake that occurred in 1966. That is why the preserved “witnesses of the past” are even more valuable here.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Khast-Imam Square. Photo: ATOR

All main attractions of Tashkent are conveniently located in the city center. So you definitely won’t pass by the ensemble of historical sights Hazrati Imam. Here you can see two madrasahs, two mosques and the tomb of Hazrat Imam. Local residents, as well as tourists, also come here to see the world's oldest manuscript Koran of 640.

From Khast-Imam Square, you can see the domes of the Barakkhan madrasah. It was built in the 16th century on the orders of Navruz Akhmadkhan, then manager of Tashkent, the grandson of the world-famous Mirzo Ulugbek.


Not far from Khast Imam Square, there is one remarkable quarter that everyone who wants to feel the oriental flavor and take unique photos should visit. By the way, the locals are very fond of taking pictures. But you still need to ask permission.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

A colorful quarter with adobe houses in Tashkent. Photo: ATOR

The quarters in which you will find yourself built up with clay houses that appeared here back in the 19th century. An interesting life goes on in the labyrinth of narrow streets.

Right on the streets they cook pilaf, samsa, conduct conversations and celebrate holidays. A very colorful place. Book at least an hour for a hike there and be sure to take a guide with you. Without it, it will not be easy to unravel the tangle of tangled streets.


Another interesting historical landmark of Tashkent is the Kukeldash madrasah, the largest of the 23 madrasahs of old Tashkent. It was erected during the reign of the Sheibanid dynasty, in 1570.

Tourists in Tashkent: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Kukeldash Madrasah. Photo: uzbekistan.travel

The madrasah is fascinating – you always want to take pictures of it. The entrance of the building is decorated with colored mosaics and majolica, the balconies are carved.

And the names of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad are woven into the patterns on special lattices on the windows. This madrasah is functioning, classes and services are held there.


The architecture in Tashkent is diverse. Soviet five-story buildings coexist here with palaces and monuments. Curious tourists will be interested in seeing two locations located not far from each other – Amir Temur Square (better known as Tamerlane in Russia) and the Romanov Palace.

A beautiful square with fountains was founded in 1882, and received the name of the founder of the Timurid dynasty only in 1994, a year after the independence of Uzbekistan was declared. An equestrian statue of the great conqueror is installed in the park.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Equestrian statue of Amir Temur in the park of the same name in Tashkent. Photo: piqsels.com

And next to the park, on Tamerlane Square, you will see the famous Tashkent chimes. If we talk about parks and squares in general, then, of course, there are not one or even ten of them in Tashkent: almost half of the city's territory is given over to parks.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Palace of the Romanovs in Tashkent. Photo: uzbekistan.travel

Around the Romanov Palace, built for Prince Nikolai Romanov, nephew of Alexander II, there is also a very beautiful garden, in which centennial plane trees grow. The palace itself is decorated with decorative turrets, and carved bars on the windows. At the entrance there are sculptures of lying deer.


Those who want to get acquainted with the culture of Uzbekistan are welcome to the museums of applied art and history of Uzbekistan.

The Museum of History has an original facade of the building and an impressive collection. Among the 250 thousand exhibits there are bones of an ancient person, and tools, and even a statue of Buddha.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

The State Museum of the History of Uzbekistan. Photo: uzbekistan.travel

Visitors to the Museum of Applied Arts will get acquainted with national costumes with elements of gold embroidery, jewelry, paintings, carpets – more than 7 thousand works of art in total.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Museum of Applied Arts in Tashkent . Photo: uzbekistan.travel

After studying the collection, it will be possible to buy works of local masters in the shops located on the territory of the museum. Moreover, if you want a certain product for yourself, you can tell the masters about your desires and they will bring them to life in a couple of days.

Please note: you can pay for purchases in Uzbekistan only with local currency – the Uzbek sum . It is better to buy currency for US dollars. The latter can also be paid, as, indeed, with rubles. But – not everywhere and not always.


Modern Tashkent is also represented by its TV tower. She is 25 years old, and the height is 375 meters. The tower is a member of the world federation of the Great Towers of the World and is visible from any part of the city.

Tourists love to visit the observation deck of the tower and look at the city from a height of 94 meters.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis< /p> Tashkent TV tower. Photo: pxhere.com

After panoramic views, it is worth climbing a little higher to a revolving restaurant with oriental cuisine. And you can go a little higher (104 meters high) – to the Koinot restaurant with European dishes.


A place for walking all fashionistas of Tashkent and a favorite location for tourists.


In the Tashkent City area, located between Navoi Street and Uzbekistan Avenue, there is the Hilton Tashkent City hotel, an amphitheater overlooking the lake, a diode wheat field, a wax museum where you can see Donald Trump, Marilyn Monroe, and even Sultan Suleiman .

 Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Tashkent City Park. Photo: ATOR

There are also photo zones in the Tashkent city park, a 1740 m long circular bike path, restaurants, food courts.


The subway of the capital of Uzbekistan is also considered a landmark. The metro in Tashkent is young. It began to be built after the earthquake in 1966.

There are not many stations there yet – 29. But they are distinguished by grace and beauty. At the stations you can see white marble columns, crystal chandeliers, and mosaics. And not just to see, but even to photograph. Until 2018, there was a ban on photo and video shooting in the metro. The metro ride costs 12 rubles.


Not only architectural creations, but also food can win the heart of a tourist in Tashkent. Tashkent is very tasty and satisfying. As for Uzbek hospitality, it needs no introduction.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent. Photo: ATOR

In order to get acquainted with the hospitable traditions of Uzbekistan, it is enough to go to the bazaar. There are many of them in Tashkent. But the most famous for tourists, perhaps, is the ancient Chorsu bazaar, whose trading rows are located under seven blue domes.

Bazaar stalls, depending on the season, are overflowing with fruits, vegetables, meat, Uzbek sweets.

Tashkent – for tourists: things to do in in the Central Asian metropolis

A meat merchant at the Chorsu bazaar in Tashkent. Photo: ATOR

And on the so-called “glutton rows” in the market they cook barbecue, samsa, shurpa, lagman, khasyp (intestines stuffed with heart, liver, lungs and rice), beshbarmak, fatty boiled sausage, stew chickpeas with lamb.

Tashkent – things to do for tourists in the Central Asian metropolis

In Uzbekistan, you should definitely try pilaf. Photo: ATOR

And, of course, they cook pilaf. For Uzbek plov, which UNESCO included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it is worth coming by 8 am. Otherwise, you risk being left without it.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

We also recommend buying ceramic products. Photo: ATOR

In addition to food at the bazaar, you can buy painted dishes, all kinds of jewelry, and fabrics. Craftsmen work at the bazaar, from whom you can order products.


Do not worry if you do not have time for the morning distribution of pilaf at the Chorsu bazaar. There will be no problems with eating pilaf in Tashkent, as in all of Uzbekistan. You can always eat Tashkent and Samarkand pilaf in pilaf centers (“Osh Markazi”). There are many of them in the city. They work from 11 am to 2 pm.

In addition to Osh Markazi, national cuisine can always be found in restaurants in the old city or, for example, in the Caravan restaurant, where an ordinary Uzbek family cooks for guests, and the interior of the restaurant itself resembles an ethnographic museum.

Tourists also recommend visiting the Gijduvon restaurant, Milliytaomlar cafe, Grand Somsa and others in Tashkent.


Tashkent hotel base for every taste and budget – from cheap hotels to high-level.

Tashkent – for tourists: things to do in Central Asian metropolis

Hyatt Regency Tashkent 5*. Photo: uzbekistan.travel

From hotels 4 – 5* we will name Hyatt Regency Tashkent 5*, Hilton Tashkent City5*, Ichan Qal'a 5*, Art Deluxe Hotel 5*, Wyndham Tashkent 5*, Avenue Park Hotel 5*, Radisson Blu Hotel 4*, Courtyard by Marriott Tashkent 4*, Lotte City Hotel 4*, Tashkent Palace 4*, Mirzo Boutique 4*, Regal Stay Hotel 4*, City Palace Tashkent 4*, Royal Residence 4*, International Hotel Tashkent 4*, Shodlik Palace 4*, Sunrise Caravan Stay 4* and others

From budget options: Sayyoh 3* hotel, Topchan hostel, Art Hostel,


< p> Tashkent is also well suited for MICE tourism. This city is often chosen for events by various companies and corporations from Russia.

It is convenient for them to hold events in Tashkent for several reasons. Firstly, there are large hotels in Tashkent with spacious conference rooms. Secondly, it is easy to get to Tashkent from Moscow, there are many flights and the fares are not high.

An important factor that plays a plus for Tashkent as a destination for business tourism is the fact that many entertainment events take place in Tashkent, the city has rich sightseeing opportunities and developed infrastructure. And this means that a business event can be diversified with an interesting leisure program.

Tashkent has a lot of experience in hosting major events. The city successfully hosts such large-scale events as the Tashkent International Tourism Fair “Tourism on the Silk Road”, “Made in Uzbekistan”, “Food Week Uzbekistan” and others.


< p>Tourists who want an active holiday can combine a cultural program in Tashkent with a trip to ski resorts.

Just 60-80 km from Tashkent, in the mountains of the Southwestern Tien Shan, there are three resorts – Chimgan, Amirsoy and Beldersay.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Mountain resort “Beldersay”. Photo: uzbekistan.travel

Chimgan resort is loved by tourists with children and beginner skiers. The resort has trails of varying difficulty – from green to black. The elevation difference is up to 275 m, the highest point is 1925 m. In addition to skiing, people here go snowboarding and freeriding.

After riding or instead of it, you can ride a horse, ride a snowmobile, fly an airplane or go on a excursions and hiking.

The infrastructure of the resort is developed: hotels of different categories, restaurants, discos, sports grounds, sauna. The resort also has an equipped business center with several conference rooms.

Around the resort there are a lot of interesting places for active tourists: gorges, Gulkam gorges, a reservoir.

The skiing season on Chimgan lasts from late December to mid-March.

Beldersay is an international-class resort and suitable for more experienced riders. The resort is located at an altitude of 1600 m, the tracks are equipped on the slopes of Mount Kumbel with a height of 2350 m. The total length of the tracks is the longest in Uzbekistan – more than three kilometers. The elevation difference is 770 m.

The resort has black, red and blue runs. The side slopes of Kumbel are designed for extreme skiing. The length of the route is 2 km. Skiers are delivered by helicopter.

You can also try the backcountry at the resort. This is when athletes fly from a sheer cliff on skis or snowboards on unprepared slopes. First, the ascent to the very top of the mountain, and then the descent.

There is less entertainment at this resort than at Chimgan. But the infrastructure is good: hotels of different categories, restaurants, cafes, saunas, swimming pools. Those who want real exotic can live on the top of the mountain.

Tashkent – for tourists: what to do in the Central Asian metropolis

Amirsoy mountain resort. Photo: uzbekistan.travel

And yet, lovers of skiing will like to relax at the Amirsoy resort. This largest all-season resort in Uzbekistan and the most modern in Central Asia is located in the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent region, on the northern slopes of the Maygashkan mountain, just 65 km from the country's capital.

The resort has 11 trails of varying length and difficulty. Therefore, skiers and snowboarders of any level are comfortable here – from beginners to experienced athletes and lovers of real extreme sports. Those who want to learn how to ski or improve their skills can ask for help from the instructors of the ski academy. Of the activities in addition to skiing – quad biking, snowmobiling, tubing. You can go to the skating rink, climbing wall, swimming pool, sauna. Children will appreciate the rope park.

The infrastructure of the resort is impressive: 48 alpine-style chalets, SPA complex, four restaurants of national and European cuisine. For the convenience of tourists, the resort has a multifunctional service center, two gondola, chair and belt lifts, a picnic area and a media center that provides photo and video shooting services.

The Amirsoy resort was opened in 2019 and since since then it has been actively developed. There are many more novelties ahead of the guests of the resort.


Tourists who have already rested in Uzbekistan say that after a trip to Uzbekistan, everything Uzbek is elevated to a cult: fruits and vegetables, pilaf, the hospitality of local residents and fantastic nature.

We will devote our next review to nature, or rather eco-tourism in different regions of Uzbekistan. It will appear on the pages of ATOR Bulletin very soon.

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