Portugalii will be canceled 1,316 flights at the end of January

Portuguese airline TAP Portugal will cancel 1,316 flights due to a staff strike scheduled for the end of January. January 25, 2023 0 1 min

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The flight cancellations will affect 160,000 passengers, with a further €20 million expected due to the potential impact on sales.

The flight attendants union SNPVAC announced a strike from January 25-31 demanding higher wages and better working conditions. This comes after a shorter strike on 8-9 December that led to the cancellation of 360 flights.

The airlines said they are developing a contingency plan to minimize the impact on customers, for example by adjusting flight schedules, making it easier to rebook flights and getting refunds.

According to reuters.com.

We also recall that from February 2, Germany will finally ease some of the covid restrictions that were still in effect.

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