Hotels in Thailand: how tourists choose hotels and what happens to prices

In a number of media there is information about the rise in prices for hotels in Thailand, and in Thai chat rooms, Russians ask a lot of questions about how to choose the right hotel in the kingdom. Tour operators spoke about the prices and criteria by which tourists choose hotels. And we provide a list of the most popular hotels – from budget to luxury.

After the return of Chinese tourists to the resorts of Thailand, reports began to appear in a number of media about an increase in the price tag for accommodation in hotels in the kingdom.

At the same time, in the telegram channels that unite lovers of Thailand, messages with a request for recommendations on choosing a hotel in Thailand have become frequent. ATOR Bulletin asked tour operators to remove the hotel issues that have arisen and comment on the current situation with prices.


The first thing that tour operators pay attention to when speaking on The topic of hotels is rush demand and a good depth of sales.

“Many high-end hotels popular with Russians are already at the stop of sales until March,” the press service of Space Travel says.

The remaining hotels have some issues with room confirmation. Tour operators with more guaranteed hotel rooms feel less of them, and those with fewer quotas feel more acute.

At the same time, all tour operators say that the current picture has nothing to do with the resumption of trips of tourists from China to Thailand and Happy New Year according to the Eastern calendar.


Due to the special status of the Eastern New Year celebration in the life of Thailand, almost all accommodation and infrastructure facilities apply the rules of the peak period for the second half of January – early February, Intourist told the editors.

The company explained: in accordance with the policy of hotels in Thailand, in the period from 01/15/2023 to 02/05/2023, the actual costs incurred by tour operators (FPR) on confirmed applications in the event of cancellation reaches 100%, regardless of the date of the cancellation itself. That is, having canceled on his own initiative a tour with a stopover during this period, the tourist loses everything and can only rely on insurance if the case is insured.

Also during this period, also in most cases, Thai hotels prohibit changing the passport data of travelers (replacement of tourists).


The problem with the confirmation of hotels in Thailand, according to the press service of ANEX Tour, appeared in the fall of last year. It was caused by rush demand and the readiness of the kingdom's hotel infrastructure that did not correspond to it. The break in mass tourism in Thailand was too long for everything to work like clockwork at once.

Meanwhile, they continue on the ANEX Tour, then the difficulties with confirming numbers globally did not interfere with sales.

“Now, in general, this trend is on the decline. In addition, in many hotels we have a guaranteed quota of rooms, confirmation is already happening more quickly,” the ANEX Tour press service specified.

PEGAS Touristik agrees with colleagues. They call the hotel situation in Thailand a working one.

“There are no problems with booking. Although for some dates at the end of January and February, popular hotels go on stop sale,” PEGAS Touristik says.

The PAC Group and PAX encourage tourists to book tours to Thailand in advance, especially when it comes to high-end hotels. categories. It is in this segment that the highest demand is noted.


Is the rush of demand leading to an increase in the appetites of Thai hoteliers? Tour operators give an ambiguous answer to this question, but still close to negative.

“If we take as a comparison the average cost of a night on a tour per person since the discovery of Thailand, then in the first arrivals the price was slightly higher than average due to high demand. Then the prices stabilized in accordance with the market situation. For New Year's races, the cost rose above average, then returned to normal. Now the prices correspond to the increased demand for the holidays and the number of flights,” ANEX Tour said.

The PAC Group noted that changes in contract prices are possible only due to a sharp increase in the exchange rate. The dynamic rates for hotels are constantly changing.

Since the beginning of the winter season, according to the observations of Russian Express, hotels in Thailand have not risen in price, but prices are higher than last year. And according to the observations of Space Travel, hotel prices in 2023, on average, returned to pre-pandemic levels.

When asked about price increases in hotels, PAKS responded as follows: “Despite the fact that Thailand is breaking all records in terms of demand, Thai hoteliers do not raise prices, they regularly send various special offers.”

PEGAS Touristik expressed a similar with colleagues opinion – “prices are not rising now.” At the same time, the company believes that closer to the peak of the high season, by the beginning of February, the rates will go up.

However, so far, tours to Thailand in February are practically the same in cost as in January. Here are a few examples.

How much do tours to Thailand cost in February 2023

You can buy a tour from PEGAS Touristik for 8 nights to the Jiraporn Hill Resort Patong 3 * hotel with a departure in mid-February for 168,794 rubles. for two. For a tour with accommodation at the Splash Beach Resort 5 * hotel, the tour operator asks for a little more – 188,926 rubles. for two.

Space Travel is ready to take its tourists to Thailand in February for 164 thousand rubles. for two in a 3* hotel. And in a good five in Phuket – for 223 thousand rubles. for two for a week.

ANEX Tour offers to relax on Koh Samui in February for 190.7 thousand rubles. for two for a week in a 3* hotel. And in Pattaya you can relax with ANEX Tour in February 12 nights for 156.5 thousand rubles. for two in a 5* hotel.

You can have a rest in Phuket in February through the Coral Travel tour operator for 192.3 thousand rubles. for two for 11 nights. Rest in Pattaya is cheaper – from 154.3 thousand rubles. for two for 11 nights.

February Pattaya with Russian Express is available for at least 122.9 thousand rubles. for two for a week.

FUN&SUN asks for a minimum of 186.1 thousand rubles for a holiday in Pattaya in February for two for a week.

Intourist sells a week-long tour to Pattaya with a departure in February for 170.2 thousand rubles. for two.

Intourist estimates a weekly vacation in Phuket at least 187.3 thousand rubles for two.


Based on the data provided by PEGAS Touristik, Russian Express, Space Travel, PAC Group, ANEX Tour, have identified 4 main conditions , which Russians present to hotels in Thailand.

  • distance from the beach no more than 500 meters +/-
  • comfortable sea – minimum low tide, convenient entry without stones and muddy bottom, cleanliness
  • hotel infrastructure (beach, territory, air conditioners, swimming pools, availability of a restaurant, SPA)
  • infrastructure within walking distance from the hotel – cafes, shops.
  • good price-quality ratio


The cost of accommodation, according to experts, for many Russians, has ceased to be the main factor when choosing a hotel. If earlier tourists, choosing a hotel, were guided mainly by the price, but now the trends are changing. Increasingly, tourists are choosing hotels of a high category.

“After the pandemic, the nature of demand for Thailand has changed radically, with hotels of a high category in the top of requests. If large families are traveling, then they choose 5 * villas. Before the pandemic, demand was mainly for the middle segment 4* and 3*,” PAX said.


Tour operators gave examples of hotels that meet the main criteria of the Russians. Also added to the list are adults-only hotels and hotels that allow their guests to live with pets. Russians are also interested in such hotels.

  • Remoteness from the beach not more 500 meters: Chana Phuket Hotel 3*, Honey Resort Kata 3*, Baumancasa Karon Beach Resort 3+*, Sea View Patong Hotel 4*, Splash Beach Resort 5*
  • Comfortable sea: Honey Resort Kata 3*, Baumancasa Karon Beach Resort 3+*, Splash Beach Resort 5*, Andaman Sea View Hotel 4*, Saii Laguna Phuket 5*, Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket 5*, Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort 5*
  • Infrastructure in stepping accessibility: Honey Resort Kata 3*, Baumancasa Karon Beach Resort 3+*, Woovo Phuket Patong 4*, Andaman Sea View Hotel 4*.
  • Perfect value pricequality: Katathani Phuket Beach Resort 5*, Banyan Tree Phuket 5*, Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas 5*.
  • For budget rest: Ambassador (Ambassador City Jomtien Inn Wing 3* and Ambassador City Jomtien Ocean Wing 4*), Ibis Pattaya 3*, Wongamat Privacy Resort & Residence 3*, Patong Platinum (Ex.Tuana Patong Holiday) 3*, The Natural Resort 3*
  • For family > rest: new this season – Phuket Emerald Beach Resort And Spa 5*, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort 5* and Ana Anan Resort & Villas Pattaya 5*
  • Excellent Infrastructure: Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & Spa 4*
  • Hotels adults only: The Shore at Katathani 5*, Beyond Resort Karon 4*, Sunprime Kamala Beach 4*, Hotel De Karon 3*
  • Accommodation with animals: Banyan Tree Phuket 5*, Sri Panwa 5*, Naina Resort & Spa Phuket 3*.

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