Free train to Germany will continue to run until spring

The train from Przemysl to Hannover, which began running in December, will continue to run on the route until the end of February. January 26, 2023 0 1 min

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The train will depart from Poland every two days – on odd dates in February.

  • Przemysl – departure at 22:30;
  • Frankfurt an der Oder (transit stop) – 10:00 (+-1 hour);
  • Hannover Messe/Laatzen — 16:00 (+-1 hour).

In December, Ukrainians were warned about cases of fake seat sales or guarantees of priority train boarding.

How to issue a ticket?

Tickets are not needed. Refugees wishing to travel by train to Germany must be on the platform of the Polish station at the right time. Tickets or registration for the Przemysl – Hannover train are not required. For help, you can contact the Red Cross staff or volunteers.

Since mid-December, the train has been traveling to Germany without stopping in Polish Krakow, as a significant part of the passengers took up seats for a trip within Poland.

On the road, there is only one transit stop – in Frankfurt on the Oder. On the way back to Poland, the train will run without passengers as it is an evacuation train funded by the German government.

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