Tours to Egypt after the New years have fallen in price

tour operators about their flight programs and benefits of holidays in Hurghada< strong> and Sharm el-Sheikh.


Egypt is among the leaders in sales in the outbound market in the winter season 2022-2023, according to tour operators. One of the reasons for the popularity of Egyptian resorts is the affordable prices for tours, even despite their short-term rise in price by 15-20% in the first half of January compared to the same period in December.

The price increase was due to a combination of several factors. Firstly, the volume of transportation decreased: flights to Egypt were stopped by Nordwind and iFly airlines, blocks of seats on the flights of which were taken by several tour operators.

Secondly, as ANEX Tour experts said, in mid-December, prices for tours in Egypt dropped noticeably: this is how tour operators decided to support demand in the direction against the backdrop of the launch of large-scale flight programs to Asia.

“Tourists rarely go on vacation in December. Therefore, to stimulate sales, taking into account the launch of direct flights to Asian countries before the New Year holidays, there was a short-term price reduction in the Egyptian direction. Hotels have special offers. After the expected adjustments in the volume of flight programs, the prices for tours to Egypt in January leveled off in accordance with the current demand,” ANEX Tour said.

The tour operator company “Intourist” also reminds of such factors influencing the cost of tours as the ruble exchange rate and traditionally higher rates for the New Year.

“Changes in the ruble cost of tours to Egypt in January occurred for two reasons. This is a depreciation of the dollar compared to December by more than 10 rubles, as well as increased rates for the New Year holidays and related surcharges for gala dinners in hotels. Demand for tours to Egypt is still high. At Intourist, for the coming dates, all the seats on the blocks of seats on Red Wings flights are already closed. There are free seats for the next flight from Moscow only starting from January 29, ”the press service of Intourist reported.

According to experts from the tour operator PEGAS Touristik, the increase in prices for tours to Egypt was not critical, about as evidenced by the average check for the tour. In December, it amounted to 60,664 rubles. per person, and in January it turned out to be slightly higher: 64,088 rubles. per person. As emphasized in PEGAS Touristik, today there is no difference in the cost of tours – due to current profitable promotions from hotels.


FUN&SUN experts also pay attention to the average bill for tours to Egypt in December and January. For Hurghada, it is almost the same: about 1320 dollars per person. For tours to Sharm el-Sheikh, there is a difference, but not much. If in December the average check was $1,800, then in January it was $1,600. But FUN&SUN emphasizes that the average check does not indicate a rise in price or a decrease in prices, but about the preferences of tourists and their willingness to spend more/less on vacation.

In this regard, the tour operator's specialists fix an interesting trend: taking into account the increase in the time of flights to foreign resorts, many tourists have become more conscious in planning their vacation, trying to get the maximum comfort and impressions from the trip.

That is why more and more travelers are booking high-quality, and hence more expensive 4* and 5* hotels. The duration of arrivals is also increasing. Instead of 6-7 nights of rest, tourists are more willing to choose tours for 9-10 nights. Thus, the amount of the average check – i.e. spending on holidays is growing, because our compatriots want and can afford more on holidays in Egypt.


According to Coral Travel, in hotels in Egypt are now experiencing an annual price reduction, which, however, will not last long.

“For January, hotels give discounts to attract tourists, and February is already sold more at standard prices,” Coral Travel summarizes. PAC Group and FUN&SUN tour operators also report on seasonal discounts.

According to PEGAS Touristik and Intourist, in comparison with New Year's arrivals, the benefit of buying a tour with the same parameters with a departure before mid-February can reach more than 40%.

“In January-February, hotels send out a lot of special offers and offer discounts of up to 45%,” Space Travel adds.

By the end of February, prices for Egyptian resorts will increase.

“From the end of February to the beginning of March, the high season will begin on the route, therefore, increased interest and a natural increase in prices are expected for it,” TEZ TOUR explains.


Coral Travel takes blocks on EgyptAir and Red Wings flights from Moscow to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Departures to the resorts of Egypt almost every day. From March, the block program Coral Travel will become a daily program.

PEGAS Touristik offers tourists flights from Moscow to resorts in Egypt on Aeroflot, Pobeda and AlMasria Universal Airlines. Departures are carried out daily. Flights from St. Petersburg to Hurghada are operated on Red Wings flights (blocks) twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays). From Yekaterinburg, the flight program to Sharm el-Sheikh is also formed on Red Wings blocks (chain of 10/11 nights). Flights from Kazan to Sharm El Sheikh are available on Red Wings block service (10/11 nights). Also, PEGAS Touristik clients have the opportunity to book GDS tours to Egypt with departures on regular flights from Sochi and Mineralnye Vody.

ANEX Tour forms package offers to the resorts of Egypt on the basis of block transportation from Moscow, Mineralnye Vody and Sochi on flights of EgyptAir, Red Wings, AZUR Air and Azimuth airlines, and through GDS on regular flights of Aeroflot and Rossiya airlines.

Intourist tour operator takes its tourists to Hurghada and Sharm- el-Sheikh from Moscow, Minvod, Sochi (Hurghada) on the blocks of seats of Red Wings and Azimuth airlines. From Moscow there is also a block program on AZUR air flights.

TEZ TOUR has restarted its flight program to Egypt from Moscow, taking blocks on Red Wings flights.

FUN&SUN flies from Moscow (Domodedovo and Zhukovsky) to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada on Red Wings seats. Also on the tour operator's website it is possible to book a tour on a regular flight (flights of Aeroflot, EgyptAir and Turkish Airlines). Together with FUN&SUN, you can also fly to Egypt from the regions: these are Sochi, Minvody, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Kazan. Blocks of seats are available on Red Wings flights departing from Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod and Mineralnye Vody. In other cases, these are regular Red Wings flights or Turkish Corendon Airlines flights with a connection in Antalya.

Tour operators Space Travel, Russian Express and PAC Group offer their customers tours based on regular air transportation. In particular, PAC Group forms package tours on Aeroflot, Red Wings and EgyptAir flights, and Russian Express still offers various options for flights from Russian cities to Egyptian resorts with a connection in Sochi.


Tour operators reminded about the benefits of holidays in Egypt. These are visa-free entry, a short flight for today, a large and varied excursion program, affordable shopping within the country.

“In Egypt, the weather is comfortable for many, a great time for excursions. Egypt is one of the closest all-inclusive winter destinations, according to Coral Travel.

Russian Express adds snorkeling and diving to this list, while PAC Group offers the opportunity to combine various types of recreation – river cruises on the Nile + holidays at seaside resorts or an excursion program.

“New this winter season are MSC Cruises' Red Sea cruises that depart from Sokhna (Cairo) or Safaga (Hurghada). Now you can add a few days before or after a cruise in a resort hotel or in Cairo to a week-long trip to Egypt to visit historical monuments, ”said the PAC Group.

“One of the undoubted advantages of Egypt is the price. Compared to the UAE, the ground part is an order of magnitude cheaper, and most hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis. For example, when staying at Rixos hotels in the Emirates, tourists will only have breakfast available, while in Egypt for the same money it will be an Ultra All Inclusive vacation, Space Travel explains.

There is another important factor: hotel rooms in Egypt are confirmed quickly. As a rule, confirmation takes no more than a day, and if the numbers are under warranty, then several hours. “There is no shortage of places in hotels for the next races, but it’s better to book a tour in advance for popular dates,” FUN&SUN experts recommend.


Coral Travel: tour with departure from Moscow on January 22 (7 nights, all inclusive, 3 * hotel) – from 59 thousand rubles. for two adults.

ANEX Tour: a tour to Egypt from Moscow at the end of January for two to a 4 * hotel (all inclusive) will cost 76 thousand rubles. for two. Weekly tour in the first half of February to a 5 * hotel (all inclusive) – from 79 thousand rubles. for two adults.

Intourist: the minimum cost of a weekly tour to Hurghada in a 4 * hotel (breakfasts) – from 60.5 thousand rubles. for two (departure on January 28), to a 5 * hotel – from 67,000 rubles. for two.

TEZ TOUR: package tour for 7 nights – from 118.9 thousand rubles. for two.

FUN&SUN: the cost of a tour to Egypt for the next dates in a 5 * hotel (all inclusive) – from $ 1110, in a 4 * hotel (all inclusive) – from $ 950 for two. In February, tours to Egypt (all inclusive) to a 4 * hotel – from $ 1,110 for two, to a 5 * hotel – from $ 1,200 for two.

PEGAS Touristik: tours with departure in early February to Sharm el-Sheikh (departure 6.02) – from 112 thousand rubles. for two in a 4 * hotel (all inclusive), in a 5 * hotel (all inclusive) – from 119 thousand rubles. for two. In Hurghada (departure February 8, all inclusive) in 4 * and 5 * hotels – from 116 thousand rubles. for two.

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