Financial aid 500+ for Ukrainians in Poland: acceptance of applications has begun

From February 1, in Poland, you can again apply for cash aid 500+. 02 February 2023 0 2 min

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Rodzina 500 plus (500+) is a government program that provides financial support for families with children. Under it, Poland pays 500 zł per month for each minor child.

This help can be received by everyone, because there is no income criterion here. Both Polish citizens and foreigners legally residing in Poland and having access to the Polish labor market can apply. However, every year you need to go through the procedure for re-issuing documents again.

How to apply for assistance?

Applications can only be submitted electronically:

  • through the PUE ZUS platform;
  • e-banking;
  • Emp@tia portal;

Ukrainians must apply for funds using a specially prepared SW-U form in Ukrainian.

A document confirming this should be added to the application, for example, a household card with the mark “access to the labor market” or UKR status.

You will receive financial assistance by bank transfer to the indicated bank number. Please note that it is best to apply before April 30th, because after the deadline you may find that you will not receive full assistance, and in the worst case, you will not receive it at all.

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