Cruise Festival has started Infoflot shares the first feedback from the participants

On January 30, the II stage of the All-Russian Cruise Festival “Ships Can Do Anything: New, Unusual, Best in 2023” started. In less than two weeks, events have already been held in Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Syktyvkar, Volgograd, Saratov and Surgut. Another 14 Russian cities are next.

Cruise Festival has started. Infoflot shares the first feedback from participants

According to organizers from the Infoflot cruise center, travel agents are now very involved in the process of promoting cruise products – even in regions that did not see prospects in the cruise sector before. The agents who came to the festival shared their impressions.

The cruise festival has started. Infoflot shares the first feedback from the participants

Alexandra Kornilova, Travel Bureau , Kaliningrad: “We live in the most European region of the Russian Federation, so we used to send tourists mainly on Mediterranean cruises. We have not yet explored the Russian waters, but we really hope that in the future our tourists will be able to see the big cruise Russia.

Natalia Karpova, April, Murmansk: “We have been selling cruises for a long time, but until recently, Murmansk residents were not as interested in this product as, for example, traveling to the sea and the sun. At the festival, we were told about a wonderful alternative to a beach holiday – these are sea cruises to Turkey, river cruises to Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don and others.

Elena Pugina, Tourexpert, Syktyvkar< /strong>: “I'm very happy that I made it to the cruise festival. I think it's 100% useful. We live in the north and our people are not used to cruising. But I recently discovered them myself and began to offer this type of recreation to my tourists. I already receive positive feedback and I want to continue to work in this direction.”

« Infoflot» shares the first feedback from the participants ” />

The festival has been held since 2022 and has already become an authoritative platform for discussing important issues of cooperation in the tourism sector. producer of the tourist information center of the Saratov region Sergey Belikov came to the events in Saratov. He appreciated the importance of holding the festival, the excellent organization and the relevance of the issues discussed for the tourism agenda of the region as a whole. He also expressed confidence that cruise travelers will soon be able to see the updated Saratov: “Our task is to renew the brand of the city. We have a young and ambitious team that puts a lot of effort into this. Many promising projects are already being implemented that will help turn our city into a tourist attraction. We are ready to assist cruise companies and develop this direction in Saratov and the region.”

Registration for the festival is still open and all travel agents interested in selling cruises can take part absolutely free of charge.

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For more information about the festival, opportunities for cooperation with Infoflot, please contact specialists: 8 (800 ) 707-50-35,

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