One of the Ukrainian cities was included in the list of the most famous ghost towns

The list includes cities abandoned for various reasons – from environmental and man-made disasters to wars and economic miscalculations. In some of them, the permanent population never returned, and some did not manage to be settled at all. February 08, 2023 0 2 min

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This, of course, is about Pripyat in the Chernobyl zone. The city took the fourth position in the ranking, but in general the list looks like this.

Kanbashi, Ordos, China

This city was hastily built in the early 00s, but it was never populated for a number of reasons. Now only officials and builders live there in the central region, while the rest of the cities frolic.

Varosha, Cyprus

You may not have heard of this city, but it was once a popular holiday destination for celebrities. In the 70s, the city was almost completely destroyed during the Turkish invasion.

Craco, Italy

In the 20th century, due to a pipeline malfunction, a large-scale landslide occurred in the city and this big city became uninhabitable. By the way, shots from the film “Quantum of Solace” from the James Bond series were filmed here.

Pripyat, Ukraine

The inhabitants of Pripyat were completely evacuated after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, after which it turned into a ghost town with empty houses and an abandoned amusement park. By the start of the war in 2022, tens of thousands of tourists a year flocked here. So, only in 2021, about 75 thousand tourists officially visited Pripyat.

Hashima Island, Japan

The island prospered during the development of the coal industry, but after the closure of the mines in 1974, it was almost completely empty. Movies are often filmed here now, including part of the Bond movie “007: Skyfall”.

Oradour-sur-Glane, France

This small village suffered a terrible fate. In the summer of 1944, hundreds of local residents were locked up in churches and burned alive by the SS troops. Now tourists come here to see the horrors of war with their own eyes.

Kayakoy, Turkey

The city with a Greek population was seriously damaged during the Turkish-Greek war in 1919-1922, and in 1923 almost the entire population was evacuated mainly to Greece. Now it is a city-museum.

Plymouth, Montserrat

In 1995, the Soufrière Gills volcano woke up on this Caribbean island, so in the coming years it was almost completely evacuated, at the same time the city was completely covered with lava and ash.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

The city in the Namib desert arose at the beginning of the 20th century, when diamonds were discovered here, and when mining stopped, it was completely empty.

Agdam, Azerbaijan

This city was destroyed as a result of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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