$500,000 for travel from booking.com

Booking.com has announced a new competition for travelers – they give away $500,000 “travel credits” for bookings. They can be spent on any booking: transport, housing, entertainment, and more. February 10, 2023 0 1 min

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How to take part?

To take part, you need to subscribe to the page of the booking.com website on TikTok or Instagram and write in the comments to the post with the draw the place where you want to go, be sure to hashtags #ShareYourAnywhere and #SWEEPSTAKES.

There will be 50 winners. They will be randomly selected on February 19th. Each will get up to $10,000.

Read more about the conditions of the contest here.

According to 34travel.me.

We also recall that the Su-menėk project was launched in Vilnius, within which more than 40 city museums became free for visitors.

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