​How to find budget accommodation in France ?

In France, as in many countries, the practice of cohabitation is quite popular, that is, renting an apartment by several people at the same time (not being a family) – colocation. Given the difficulties in renting housing, not only young people and students resort to this type of rental, especially in large cities. February 11, 2023 0 1 min

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Main advantages of cohabitation

  • ability to rent an apartment without a guarantor and CDI
  • low rent
  • opportunity to ask for help from CAF
  • the opportunity to move to another region
  • the opportunity to practice French

What are the chances of getting such housing?

Management and accordingly, in most cases, the search for new tenants is carried out by the tenants themselves, so it is usually not necessary to provide a bunch of documents and the same number of copies to them. Often meeting with cohabitants plays an equally important role, since both parties better understand whether cohabitation is possible.

Where to look for roommates?

Here is a list of popular sites for finding future roommates:

According to FranceUkraineNews.

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