On a cruise, you can get acquainted not only with the sights of different regions of Russia, but also with their unique cuisine and products. On cruises from the Vodokhod company, you can literally taste Siberia, the Urals, the Volga region, and Karelia. And in the upcoming cruise season, tourists will find many pleasant novelties.

This year, all the company's ships will continue to operate custom food system. Passengers will be able to choose meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner from several proposed options (possible restrictions on the choice of dishes apply only on the first day of the cruise).

Every day on board the ship will be offered several options for soups to choose from. Photo: Vodokhod press service

Also, buffet will be used on some ships, which, of course, will please tourists. This season, breakfasts will be held in this format on m/v Mustai Karim, Konstantin Korotkov and Mstislav Rostropovich.

On the same three ships, the company will focus on customers with special needs in food. They will be able to order a healthy lifestyle set of three courses.It will consist of a large green salad, light soup, sorbet or fruit for dessert. Now lunch or dinner will contain a minimum of calories, and, of course, tourists will not have to pay anything extra.

Absolutely new children's menu awaits little passengers with a more adapted composition of dishes, interesting presentation and new funny names. For guests with a baby under 3 years old, a high chair is offered in restaurants.

By the way, on any cruise where there will be 20 or more children, the ship's art team will arrange a holiday for them with dessert, homemade fruit drink and ice cream.

And, finally, on cruises of 5 days or more on board, themed dinners. Among them are Ural Gems, Multinational Volga Region, Shores of the Russian North.

Gastronomic concept “Native Shores”. Photo: Vodokhod press service

This is a concept of coastal cuisine, which uses only fresh local products, local culinary traditions and the skill of the chef.

For example, Vodokhod class tourists will appreciate a recipe from the collection of the Russian North – Vyborg Salad with Veal Tongue. Vodokhod.Premium class restaurants will serve Karelian trout in a creamy sauce a la Petrovsky, and in the Vodokhod.Lux class, gourmets will be served Taimyr deer minnows with root crops.

The novelties will also delight guests on Wild Life trips. The original Baikal set will be offered during the expedition right on the ice at the first Arctic station of Lake Baikal – “Boro-Boro”, and tourists will be able to appreciate the new themed dinner “Taiga and the River” during the expedition along the Yenisei.

Mousse-bump from the liver of the Taimyr deer.​ Photo: Vodokhod press service ​

On the Yenisei, by the way, the dessert menu has also been updated this year, so the famous “Yenisei Pebble” will give way to the new delicacy “Shaman Stone” with lingonberries and pine nuts.

Depending on the class of the ship, tourists will be offered different treats, but meals will not be repeated during the cruise.


On board the ships of the company “Vodokhod” you can try Kostroma cheese, Suzdal cucumbers, Uglich quail, Astrakhan watermelons, Volga fish, Kuban apples and Rostov tomatoes.

And the famous Perm picnics are waiting for tourists in Perm – the company “Vodohoda” offers 144 cruises with a visit to Perm in 2023.

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